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Staff and supporters of Amego's Children's Division participated in the 2021 New England Bike 2 the Beach event on September 18th and raised over $15,000 for our school program!

Why did they ride?  Here is just ONE story of why:

Seana, a 20-year-old residential student here at our children’s residential program, has been receiving services through Amego for several years.  Starting as a day-only student, Seana moved into one of our residential homes in November of 2020 due to a continued increase in behavioral challenges at her family’s home. Seana’s mom, Pauline, and dad, Dan, have devoted their lives to provide excellent care at home for Seana, her twin sister, and three brothers; two brothers who are also on the Autism spectrum.

Since joining our residential program, Seana has made tremendous progress in the areas of activities of daily living and behavior. She also goes home regularly and remains safe in the family home and her community.

“Back in 2016, our family was in behavioral crisis with our beautiful and complicated daughter, Seana. Our family has always believed in community and inclusion. When we chose Amego school and eventually residential placement for our girl, we were tired, worried, and scared! Amego quickly became our community! The positivity, transparency and compassionate staff at Amego restored our hope. They believed in Seana. They saw her like we did! They saw her potential, they saw beyond her autism diagnosis. They worked diligently and gently with her, including our family in the process. No program is ever going to be perfect enough for our Seana... but Amego comes really close. Best decision we ever made in assuring a loving, safe, inclusive life for her. They have always made us feel heard, especially during the scary pandemic! The direct support staff have embraced our girl. Really listening and making us a daily part of the process, giving Seana a life outside of our home. Amego has become an integral part of our extended family. Because of Amego, we are no longer alone in caring daily for Seana. “It takes a village” to care for Individuals with Autism and challenges. Amego is our village ❤️And we are so grateful for their continued support.” - Pauline

Thank you to our riders!

Steven King

Jordan Masaitis

Caroline McManus

Michael Moore

Brianna Palardy

Weston Pondolfino

Jeffrey Proos

Tara Sweeney

Nick Wagner

Erik Wells