Caring, Support and Lifelong Learning

33 Perry Avenue Attleboro, MA 02703


Amego’s BEST Clinical Network offers the following services:

  • In-Home & Community ABA Services
  • Early Intervention ABA Services
  • Center Based Programs
  • Social Skills Groups
  • School Vacation Programs
  • Initial Psychological Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Functional Behavior Assessments & Analysis of Challenging Behavior
  • Educational Assessments
  • Parent Support
  • Other Habilitative Therapy Services in conjunction with ABA services
  • School-Based Consultation Services
  • Summer Camps

Why Amego?

Our team of experienced Behavior Analysts, Psychologists, Habilitative Therapists and Registered Behavior Technicians work to help children reach their full functional potential through the provision of evidence-based practices.

Our dedicated professionals will:

  • Work directly with your child to develop skills.
  • Use a hands-on approach that gives your child an opportunity to perform skills and be rewarded.
  • Assess your child’s skills and progress towards goals.
  • Focus on changing the child’s behavior by observing and measuring the behavior in real-life environments.
  • Encourage parental involvement as a key component of ABA therapy.
  • Incorporate parent training so family members/caregivers can teach and support skills.