Available Positions

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supports and oversees all clinical programming for clients receiving ABA services within home and community settings. The BCBA supervisor is responsible for clinical program development and evaluation and monitoring of the quality of those services within home based locations for individuals supported within the BEST Clinical Network. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the oversight of the program design, implementation and training of clinical programs; research; program management; and staff training.

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Program Coordinator (PC)

The Program Coordinator (PC) facilitates and implements all daily operations of their assigned program site, under the direction of the area Program Director. The PC participates in training on all educational and clinical programs of the clients in the program, and is involved in ISP/IEP development, reporting, and monitoring. In addition to supervising and evaluating staff, the PC also oversees all operational systems within and connected to the site including scheduling, financing, activity planning, medication administration and records, running team meetings, and maintaining consistent contact and positive relationships with each client's respective families.

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Clinical Coordinator (CC)

The Clinical Coordinator (CC) is a senior level administrative position responsible for Behavioral and educational program development and evaluation/monitoring of the quality of those services in all Amego's children's Services locations and for all individuals served by Amego Children's Services. The CC is part of the administrative team responsible for the assessment of referrals, discharges and all matters pertaining to the clinical aspects of the program. He or she will provide leadership to continue to position Amego as a leader in its field and will demonstrate appreciation of decentralized participatory management, supporting a team commitment to community-based care. Under the direct supervision of the Clinical Director and the indirect supervision of the Vice President of Children's Services, he or she will actively support through guidance and training that all staff working with the individuals will have a full understanding of ABA programming, as well as the individualized Behavior Support Plans. He or she will understand that diversity is tied to the organization's success.

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Assistant Coordinator (AC)

The Assistant Coordinator (AC) assists in overseeing the program and facility under the direction of the Program Coordinator. The AC monitors the day to day implementation of all educational & clinical programs of the individuals in the assigned site by acting as a member of the interdisciplinary team for each client. Assistant Coordinators assist the Program Coordinator in all operational aspects including but not limited to program design and implementation, medication administration, organization and cleanliness of the program site, data collection, and staff trainings and scheduling. The AC plays an important role in keeping the program running smoothly, while assisting the Program Coordinator with the day to day operations.

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Job Coach (JC)

The Job Coach (JC) implements all clinical and vocational training and supports the individuals in either off site or in agency supported sites, under the direction of the Program Director. The JC also supervises staff in completing all assignments, and are actively engaging with the clients, as well as administering medications as scheduled, and assisting with transportation. This position also includes data collection, maintaining that the location remains a clean, safe, and positive environment for our individuals. We make every effort to provide our clients with all of the tools they need to be successful in working towards independence and becoming active members of the local community.

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Shift Supervisor (SS)

The Shift Supervisor (SS) implements all educational & clinical programs of the individuals in the assigned program site, as well as supervises staff to ensure all assignments are completed and the site is clean and organized. The SS also coordinates transition times of the day as scheduled, assures that data is collected and recorded as required, and administers medications and maintains accurate medical records. Under the direction of the Program Coordinator, the Shift Supervisor serves as a role model for staff in all areas of programming, services and professional practices.

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Behavioral Therapist (BT)

The Behavioral Therapist (BT) assists and supports the individuals in their daily routines, activities, and individual programs. The BT implements all clinical, educational, and vocational programs, while working closely with the clients on communication and basic functions and skills. Also the BT collects data and participates in program design and implementation, to ensure each and every one of our clients are working on personal goals and objectives, and enjoying themselves in the process.

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Case Manager (CM)

The Case Manager (CM) is responsible for coordination and supervision of all daily activities in conjunction with their lead teacher for the oversight of their student caseload and the implementation of all educational and clinical programs of assigned individuals; design, implementation and training of all educational and clinical programs; IEP/ISP development, reporting and monitoring; supervision of assistant teachers.

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Head Teacher (HT)

The Head Teacher (HT) coordinates and supervises the daily operations of their assigned classroom(s) or work location(s). He or she has the ability to participate in and help design and implement educational and clinical programs of his or her assigned clients. Head Teachers also participate in the development and monitoring process of individual clients' ISP/IEP's, as well as supervise and evaluate school staff, and oversee the operational systems within the site(s). He or she works hand in hand with the teaching staff to insure the highest level and quality of care they can for our clients. Our highly skilled team of caring and dedicated professionals work within the curriculum to teach and reinforce social and communication skills while maintaining a positive, enjoyable learning environment for both clients and staff alike.

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Assistant Teacher (AT)

The Assistant Teacher (AT) works under the direction of the Head Teacher and collaborates with he or she in the designing and implementing of clinical and educational plans for each client. The AT works directly with the clients on communication, basic functions and skills, individual goals and objectives, as well as assuring data is being accurately collected and recorded. The Assistant Teacher also has the opportunity to serve as a role model for all clients as well as staff in other programs while engaging and working closely with the clients in a fun, positive and interactive environment each day.

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ABA Therapist / Home Based Service Provider

Home Based Therapists are responsible for providing 1:1 ABA based therapy to children with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Through the use of developmentally appropriate, evidence based teaching methods based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, therapists work to improve the communication, academic, behavioral, social, self-help, and play skills of each child based on their specific treatment goals.

Since autism affects every child differently, the teaching environments, methods, and strategies used in our ABA therapy programs vary depending on each child's individual needs. Our therapists also utilize a combination of the different applications of applied behavior analysis in order to maximize a child's ability and desire to learn. Data is collected throughout all treatment sessions to ensure progress and all programs are overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analysis.

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