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Coming Together in a Crisis

A Community of Giving

We would like to thank the Amego community for coming together and supporting us during this difficult time. 

Below is a list of families, community members and organizations that have donated their time and/or resources, made in-kind donations, made and donated hand-made masks, sent meals to our staff and residents, and/or made monetary donations.

We are so grateful for the support and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Susan Ackerman
Seth Adler
Yuichi and Yukari Aiba
Kathy Allen
Thomas Alpert and Eileen Haggerty
Joseph Ambash
Jane Ambash
Angela Ames
Althea and Mike Aranda
River Arrows
Linda Auger
Mary Barber
Caitlyn Barrow
Brian Beausoleil
Paul and Ruth Bergman
Nathan Bittner
Shannon Blair
Patricia Blank
Kimberly Boucher
Michael and Nancy Borr
Mary Brackett-Kelly
Shelia Breen
Janice Brill
Anna Brodziak
Robert and Melissa Brown
Lisa Brown
Sheela Calhoun
Bill and Tessa Cannata
Carol Cannata
Charles D. Cannata
Amanda Carriere & Family
Sylvia Carter
Christine Castonguay
Christopher Chase
Leslie Chaves
Christopher L. and Karen P. Chase
Leslie Chaves
Lori Cheramie
Naina Narayana Chernoff
Paul and Carolynn Chernoff
James Clancy
Michael Clyde
Elizabeth Colby
Cynthia Coleman
Debora Collison
Kerry Convery
Joseph and Catherine Conti
Leslie Corneau
Barbara Cox-Winter
Helen Creedon
Barbara Daly
Michelle DeLang
Anna DeLeo Laskey
Dina DiFonzo Pyne
Geri DiNatale-Cicerone
The Dobrowski  Family
Kathryn Dobrowski
Janet Drinan
Eric and June Duessel
Susan Eng DeAmato
Holmes and Edwards
Rani Esposito
Christine Fanara
Peter and Michelle Ferri
Elizabeth Foote
Nicole Gee
Blair Glennon and Wayne Kernochan
Joel Goloskie
Kara Goodwin
Joseph Gozgit
Gia Grappo
June Guevremont and Joseph Cortellini
Nancy Nielan Greco
The Grewal Family
Jodi Grimbilas
Ginny Harvey
Michelle Hastings
Susan Hope
Tom and Christine Hubbard
Rico Incretolli
Jonah Fine Art
Margaret Joyce
John and Rosemarie Kane
Matthew Kane
Ann Kailath and George Verghese
Pamela Kattouf
Todd Kimpton
Carly Koumoutseas
Janice Laskey
Theresa Laskey
Sarah Lechak
Ingrid Li
Sue Lloyd
Nancy Miller Lord
Tony Maggiore
The Marchese Family
Darren Marino
Gloria Marques
Bill and Angela Masiello
Erika Maurer
Kate C McDonough
Carolyn McGuire
Heidi McKinney
Daniel McMillin
Medtronic Foundation Volunteer Grant Program
Maria Jose Melo
Ann Menear
Sharon Miller
Jennifer Moore
John P. Mordes
Shelia Morrison
Hazel Navarro
The Navarro/Beausoleil Family
Ann  O'Connor
Mr. Ortiz
Charles and Martha Owen
Douglas and Lisa Parker
Zoe Parker
The Parlato Family
Katherine Perry
Claire Peterlin
Thomas Phillips
Tracie Piccirillo
Pleasant St. Pediatrics
Stephen and Penny Potter
Lisa Rader
The Raffi Family
Marcie Randall
Robert and Ellen Randall
Russ and Karen Raposa
Jeffrey Raposa
Julie Raposa
Laurie Rebello
Rebecca Redner
Carl Rehbein
Bradley Richelson
Susan Richelson
Kathy Rizzacasa
David and Cindy Roche
Christopher and Kimberly Roche
Brian and Elizabeth Roche
Aurora Ryan and Miguel Rodriguez
Mary Romcevich
Gail A. Royley
Laurence and Deborah Samet
Sanofi US Services
Joanne Scibilla
Samantha Secaur
Joanne Sedlock
Theresa Sessions-Peacock
Brian and Crystal Sicard
Bill Simonds
Edward C. Simonds & Zelma Calderon Torres
Laurie Sirois
Kristine Smalter
Michael Smalter
Katherine Smith
Stefanie Smith
Martha Southard
Laurie Srois
Sara St. Peter
Sturdy Pediatrics
Sunschein Photography
Kathy and Rob Sutherland
Tracey Sweeney
Irene Tanzman
Patricia Thibeault
Barbara Thompson
Lynn Tokarczyk
The Towle Family
Ellen Trencher
Linda Trombly
Sandy Varrieur
Maureen Vietze
Karen Wadler
Ann Walsh
Crystal-Mae Waugh
Barbara Weeks
Teresa Weinberg
David & Carol Whisman
Esther Wishnow
Regina Yando
Maryanne Young