Caring, Support and Lifelong Learning

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We are proud to announce the names of our staff who have received Spot Bonuses this fiscal year for exemplary work and commitment to the people we serve.  Please join us in congratulating the following Amego staff for a job well done!
 Fredrick Ababio  Morris Fahnbulleh  Daniel Oduro
 Olusegun Adeyemi  Bunmi Fayemi  Francis Oduro
 Dorsila Agengo  Jenny Ferreira  Daniella Ofori-Appiah
 Nana Agorbia  Alisha Flaxman  Alliu Oguntade
 Priscilla Agyemang  Simeon M. Freeman  Oluremi Ojo
 Emmanuel Antwi  Spencer M. Garrison  Folasayo Olabisi
 Ebenezer Armah  Wilfred S. Ghanyea  Esosa Olaye
 Solomon Askie  Daniel Gill  Jonilson Oliveira
 Kazeem A. Balogun  Charles Gongar  Ashley O'Neal
 Cymbeline Bass  Krystal Goodman  Anita Opokua
 Anne M. Bibby  Kevin Harris  Eric Osei
 Shannon Blair  Momar Jahateh  Lisa A. Pagliuca
 Papa Bocoum  Sering Jammeh  Jamama Paye
 Nicole Boyer  Carolie Joseph  Arthur Payne
 Justin Bradbury  Nsimbi Kabenge  Isaac Phillips
 Richard Brown  Joseph Kamau  Wesley Pierre Louis
 Hawa T. Browne  Gabriel Kantu  Kayla Priest
 Matthew Camara  Neheileen Kaykay  Aleeyah Raymond
 Mediana Casimir  Michael E. Kearns  Jc Reddick III
 Che A. Celestine  Emile King Jr.  Sonia Resendes
 Jeremiah Cemin  Steven King  Christiana Roberge
 Paul Z. Cole-Kraty  Othello Kollie  Andrea Sanchez
 Naire F. Coly  Nixon Konan  Jessica Santiago
 Joseph M. Comehn  Edith Korkoyah  Stephen Sayee
 John Cone  Nana Kwarteng  Momat Seck
 Lucy H.Cook  Suzanne Ladd  Jeniffer L. Semedo
 Deajnay Cooper  Eric Larsen  Maggie Sheehan
 Zoe Cooper  Modinat Lawal  Ebrima Sonko
 Emmanuel N. Curtis  Sonia Ledo  Stella Stewart
 Clifford Danso  David Lennon  Emmetta Suah
 Christopher Dasilva  Sherry Lescano  Kwetor Sulonteh
 Rene Delpech  Loide Lopes  Tara Sweeney
 Alex Dennis  MacGoddins Lushimba  Martha Talbea
 William H. Diahn  Lindsey MacNeil  Christopher H. Tamba
 Estefania Diaz  Kofi Manu-Tawiah  Kevin Thomas
 Dina Diop  Patricia Mayben  Jeff Thuo
 Oscar Dolo  Kevin McGinnis  Kinkin Timbo
 Stanley Dunbar  Lisa M. Mendes  Dempster Tippos
 Karen Dunwell  Dihamel Milard  Samuel Vani
 Oluwatoyin Ekutti  Jonathan Munoz  Rose Vieiera
 Haval Elias  David Navarro  Linda E. Walker-Barrie
 Aric Emond  Susan Ndungu  Teandra Watson
 Jean Etienne  Hayford Ntim  Titus Weah
 Ogierekpen Eweka  Hennah Nyumah  James K. Williams
 Maria Fadli  Kwabena Odame  Charles G. Wilson
 Christopher Wleh

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing you are an active role model and a positive influence in the life of another person. Come join us, and go home each day knowing you've done your best to help our clients learn, grow and enjoy themselves both in the classroom setting as well as getting out into the community and experiencing all this world has to offer.


"I enjoy helping, assisting and providing people with services that can help them reach their goals." -Heidi Fall, Program Director

From the time Heidi started at Amego in 2006, she has felt that the leadership has been nothing but helpful and supportive. Heidi has had many opportunities to improve her knowledge and develop new skills. She began working as a shift supervisor, and through training and skill development, Heidi was promoted to Program Director in 2014. Heidi enjoys working in a pleasant multicultural environment. Most importantly, Amego has given her the opportunity to pursue her educational dreams, giving her a stronger background for her career at Amego. The scholarship Amego has given her has opened a door, giving the prospect of a brighter future.

"The Amego scholarship is playing a key role in shaping me into a successful person in the future."

Heidi is very grateful for the opportunity Amego has given her in pursuing her education, and is thankful to the management at Amego who believed in her and gave her this opportunity.


"What I like best about Amego is the teamwork, and how I enjoy every day of my job." -Adam Brodeur, Education Director

Adam started as an Assistant Teacher but quickly advanced to a Case Manager.

"I came to Amego because I wanted to work in a classroom, helping students with autism."

As a Case Manager, he decided to further his education and go back to school for his Masters in Special Education with a concentration in severe and profound disabilities at Bridgewater State College. Amego supported his decision and provided the financial backing he needed. Last year Adam became an Education Director for the school. He will complete his Master’s Program in May of 2019.

Adam has recently started speaking to students in the Introduction to Special Education class at Bridgewater State College, where he takes classes for his own degree. He has helped foster a relationship with aspiring special education professionals, encouraging them to take the path in supporting students with severe and profound disabilities. This spring, students at Bridgewater State College will participate in internships with our school to see first-hand how rewarding it is to work for Amego. Adam credits Amego with helping him build his future.


"I love seeing the progress and growth of the children here at Amego's BEST Clinical Network."  -Eileen Sweeney, Clinical Coordinator

When Eileen Sweeney turned 18 she started working for Amego. She began as an Assistant Teacher in our school program. When Eileen decided to go to college, she stayed on and worked in both the school day and residential programs. Eventually she transitioned to Amego's BEST Clinical Network to provide services to children in their homes. Eileen decided to continue her education and get her Master's in Severe Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. Amego supported her decision and paid for her education. Eileen is now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and oversees the center at BEST Clinical Network. Eileen credits her success to the encouragement of the management staff at Amego, specifically our President and Chief Executive Officer, John Randall.

“He is a role model. He has made the organization grow and I am proud to be a part of it.”


"If I had to choose one thing I love best about working at Amego, I would say that Amego seeks to craft the best environments for everyone involved with the organization, whether they are the individuals served, their families, or our employees." -Dr. Paul Mahoney, Director of Clinical Services, Central MA Division

When Endicott College started its Ph.D. Program in 2014, Paul Mahoney was admitted to its first doctoral cohort and presented his dissertation on "Momentary Time Sampling" in Spring 2018. Paul Mahoney has been with Amego since 2012. Before joining Amego, Paul was considering going for his Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis, but was not able to pursue his degree.

When asked about the assistance Amego has given him, Paul stated, “Amego has supported me in two ways. First, they provided financial support that helped me to afford expensive graduate education. More importantly, though, from President and CEO John Randall down, Amego has provided me with genuine professional and moral support that certainly helped me complete the program. I don’t think I could have finished without the support of my supervisor Annie Barlow and my advisor Michael Dorsey.” He is an example of the commitment Amego has to its employees in furthering their education.

Paul currently serves as the Director of Clinical Services of Amego’s Central MA Division.