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Foundation Support

$5,000 for an outdoor play space for Amego's BEST Clinical Network

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
$5,000 to support Amego's Vocational Programs

The Copeland Family Foundation

$5,000 for General Operating Support

GE Foundation
$7,000 for General Operating Support

Raytheon Foundation
$20,000 for Amego's Day School

The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation
$10,000 for technology support

Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc.

$23,000 for therapy equipment for Amego's Day School

Bristol County Savings Bank Foundation
$25,000 for technology in Amego's Day School

Becker Family Trust
$50,000 for Amego's Food Truck

van Otterloo Family Foundation
$75,000 for COVID-19 Relief