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Supervision Services

Supervised Independent Fieldwork Hours

Supervised Independent Fieldwork allows a student to gain all of the required experience hours in a 12 month period.  We will provide students who have formally begun coursework in an approved course sequence with the 75 hours of supervision for the 1500 hours  based on the BACB®’s current monthly supervision experience system, which is at a maximum of 130 hours of applied work per month, and an accrual of a maximum of 6.5 supervised hours per month.

Options for Supervised Independent Fieldwork Hours

This course requires students to engage in activities that focus on learning new behavior analytic skills related to the Fourth Edition Task List and adhere to the dimensions of applied behavior analysis identified by Baer, Wolf, and Risley (JABA, 1968).

INNOVATIVE LEARNING SUPERVISION for Accelerated Independent Fieldwork Courses:

Price Per Semester