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Amego is committed to supporting people living with autism and other developmental disabilities at home, school, work and as members of their families and communities.

MAAPS Honors Excellence in Teaching and Direct Service to Students at 

Annual Awards Ceremony:

Dianne Brady and Vanda Parreira Receive Awards

for Their Work Over the Past Year

Hudson, MA - The Massachusetts Association of Approved Special Education Schools (MAAPS) this past Thursday, April 25th, held its annual awards ceremony honoring the excellence and dedication of special educators over the past year. Two awards were given out, the Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Albert E. Trieschman Direct Service Award.

The Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Dianne Brady of the Amego, Inc. School for the above and beyond effort that she puts into the education of her students. Robert Lynch, Director of Student Services, who nominated Dianne, said, “Dianne Brady is a true model of what a Special Educator should be. She is truly an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that the needs of her students are met.” In addition to the tireless and now award-winning work Dianne does on a daily basis at Amego, she has already received a Sheltered English Emersion endorsement from the Department of Education and is finishing up work on a masters degree. Dianne Brady truly exudes all you'd hope to see in an educator as she exhibits never-ending commitment to learning and proving the best education possible for her students.

The Albert E. Trieschman Direct Service Award was presented to Vanda Parreira of the St. Ann's Home & School for her work as the Unit Director of the Harmony Unit, which is home to the latency aged female residents of St. Ann’s. “Vanda embodies caring and, as a role model to her staff and St. Ann’s community, she has built a true sense of Home for her residents. A place where they can be themselves and build upon small daily successes while they work toward their goals,” said a collective group of staff that supported Vanda’s nomination.
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Programs and Services for All Ages

Amego supports individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential.

ABA Services

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services focus on improving the lives of individuals with autism through strategic interventions aimed at increasing communication and social skills and decreasing problematic behaviors that interfere with learning, social interactions, and overall quality of life.

Comprehensive assessment and treatment

Adult Services

Amego provides a continuum of services and supports to individuals 22 years of age and older. Our programs promote the personal growth and independence of our participants.

Helping adults live fulfilling lives

Amego School

Individualized, evidence-based practices and educational services for children and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Ages 8 to 21.

Help and support in the early years

Diagnostic & Assessment Center

Amego provides evaluation and assessment services to individuals of all ages with an interdisciplinary team of clinicians.

Help and supports for early years

Professional Development

Amego is dedicated to the principles of ABA- improving the lives of those diagnosed with autism, and educating and supporting the professionals who support them.

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Amego offers care, support and lifelong learning in four Massachusetts locations, and Amego Florida.

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Amego is committed to supporting people living with autism and other developmental disabilities at home, school, work and as members of their families and communities.

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We're dedicated to improving the lives of individuals impacted by autism and other  developmental disabilities.

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Meet our Team

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