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Over the years we’ve collected hundreds of messages from the Amego community. Read them here!

Messages to Our Staff

We would like to thank our staff for their dedication to Amego's mission in caring for the individuals we serve.  Below are messages of gratitude that we have received for the amazing work you all are doing!

"Sending a shout out to Vinny at Stone Run. He gave us such comfort today when he described how the staff play a game with Tommo where he walks all through the house and then lands head first into a bean bag chair. Vinny explained how much Tommo laughs and jokes with them when they do this with him. That warms our heart more than he will every know. Thank you Vinny!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
We want to give a shout out to Andrea at “Tiffany “ house. She takes excellent care of our daughter and she is always cheerful, helpful and kind. Thank you Andrea, for all that you do, you make a difference and it means the world to us! - Jennifer Newcomer"
"My husband Darren and I are so grateful to the Birch Street Staff. Thanks to John who has recently introduced doing puzzles with our son Josh. Thank you for your patience and dedication to our son. Also thank you to Staff Josh for continued love and support of our son Josh while he also works on his studies for the Bachelor of Arts degree. All the staff are constantly improving themselves for their Amego clients and families.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren Marino"
"Russ and I wanted to say thank you so much to James at Stone Run. When we picked up Tommo yesterday, James was being so kind and caring with Tommo.  We watched James talking Tommo through a difficult moment and he was so calm even when Tommo was grabbing at his shirt. He was encouraging him to be safe and Tommo responded appropriately. He also asked great questions about how to perform proper oral hygiene for Tommo and wanted to step up and try some of the techniques I showed him. We would like him to know how much we appreciate all his efforts to help and care for Tommo every day. - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"A big shout out Jen taking over the Mashpee house. She has been great and so helpful. She cares for all the individuals in that house in they all love her. My daughter Amanda doesn’t stop talking about how nice and cool Jen is. She is great at accommodating visits with my daughter. I appreciate everything she has done and continues to do. - Deb Selan"
"A huge THANK YOU to Folake and Brittany. Folake, we love love when you FaceTime us if Tommo is asking for us. That totally brightens our day!!! Brittany, your insight into how to help Tommo have a good sound sleep is impressive. We appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness and we could never thank you both enough. - Lots of love, Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We want to send a shout out to Eugene and Japh at Stone Run. Thank you both so much for always trying to find ways to make Tommo smile. We know sometimes it can be difficult since he can't speak and you may not know what he wants/needs, but we see you are always working so hard to try to understand him. Thank you again. - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"All the staff at Morse Court are wonderful but Sam is so special for me.He has been a caring presense in my daughter's life for 16 years and understands and values .who she is. He is a major contributer to her quality of life and I am so grateful for all he does. - Jane D'Arista"
"To All Staff:  Thank you so much for being part of our team! We appreciate all that you do and are thankful for all that you do! Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family! - The Borr Family"

"Thanks to Ebenezer, Addi, Sam and John for a great visit today. Josh is doing so great! We are so lucky to have all of you taking care of him.  - Sending all of our love 💕, Rose and Darren Marino"

"I just wanted to thank the wonderful staff at 19 Mitchell Drive! Drue and Larry brought Tory for a home visit last Wednesday despite having a very busy day and the traffic being terrible the day before Thanksgiving! They said that they did not want Tory to be sad about not seeing her Mom that day. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people watching over our child. - Karen Scanlan"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a nice visit with our Josh today. It was great meeting the new staff, Cadeem! Thanks for taking great care of Josh while we were away on vacation. Too bad he was sleeping when his brother Andrew visited. Have a great rest of the weekend and get well soon to anyone who tested positive for Covid.  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"

"Hi Francis, Thanks for the phone call about the Covid situation at the house. So glad Josh tested negative. Please let the staff that tested positive know that we are thinking about them and hope they are well soon.  -Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today. Darren came in 5th in his pickleball tournament. Josh looks great. Thanks for taking a picture with us John. I wish I could post it here for you to see, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Anyway, keep up the good work. We love you and are so grateful for you all.  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with our Josh today! He’s doing so great! And you guys look awesome! Lots of muscles on display today. It’s nice to know you can stay in shape even watching Josh and the other boys 24/7. We really appreciate all that you do. Have a great rest of the weekend.  - All of our love, Darren and Rose"


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"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today with Josh! We hope he wears his new Sun hat on walks. He seemed to like it. Josh is really looking great. You guys are doing an excellent job with him. Keep it up! We appreciate you all. Sending all of our love, Happy 4th of July! Love, Darren and Rose"

"There are so many shout outs we could give to Marty, but we want to recognize him this week for his incredible thoughtfulness again. When Marty is preparing dinner at Stone Run, he sends us a photo of the food and how beautiful the table has been set for dinner. My wish for my son was always that he would enjoy a beautiful meal every day with his family and friends. When I receive these photos from Marty, it is like my wish has come true and it brings us such joy! He also shares the joys of Tommo's day with my extended family and they are always telling me how much it means to them to receive text messages from Tommo. This is something that would simply be impossible for Tommo to do without Marty!! We know very often individuals with disabilities can be forgotten by family .... but Marty helps them to remember him often. From the bottom of our hearts.... THANK YOU MARTY! - Karen and Russ Raposa"

"I just saw pictures of Carmen outside at the 7/4 cookout I am amazed! He rarely goes outside and to see him sitting with his housemates and staff was so wonderful! I am so grateful to Jonisha and Sheraton house staff! I commend each of you, well done!!!! a million thanks to all! - Linda Auger"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh on Saturday. He had fun with Darren’s phone and doing laps in the backyard. Thanks for keeping him in good shape. He ordered a green sun hat for future walks. We really appreciate and love you all. Keep up the good work!  - All of our love, Darren and Rose"

"BIG shout - out to Jay for taking my son to Fenway for an amazing night at the Red Sox game! Thank you, Jay!!!"- Katherine B.

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today. He really enjoyed the cookies that I made. We hope you all got to enjoy them also. Have a great rest of the weekend and to all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day. We appreciate you all so much. Thank you for keeping Josh safe and happy. - All of our love, Darren and Rose"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today! And thanks Ebenezer for that African prekese fruit to make tea with. We will definitely trying that. It was nice to see all of you today. Thanks for cleaning up the outside so we could have an outdoor visit today. Josh looks great! You all are doing an excellent job with him. We are so grateful. Next week Josh wanted M&M cookies so I told him I would make a big batch for all of you. We love you all so much! Have a great rest of the weekend!  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"

"Thank you to Ernie and Napoleon for visiting us at our home today. You were both so kind to our son Bill who has pneumonia and helped transition his twin, Jon, back to his group home. You are both so very kind hearted people and we appreciate what you do for our boys. It was so nice to see your interaction with our son who is sick in trying to get a smile out of him- you at least got a smirk! Jon went back to his home and was very calm. We understand he was having a good van ride listening to music! Thank you both! Have a good weekend. - Bill and Angela"

"Hi guys, thanks for helping Josh to have a great day while we are away at Darren’s pickleball tournament in Florida. We will give to a call later to see how everyone is doing. We are so grateful for all of you.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren"

"Words simply can not express our gratitude and admiration for both Sarah and Jessica. They took personal time yesterday to bring incredible joy into our son Tommo's life. There are very few things that make him happy, but jumping at the trampoline park is one of them. It takes incredible patience, strength and lots of coordination to take Tommo on an outing, but they both took the time to make it happen and for that we are beyond grateful. - Russ and Karen Raposa"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with our Josh today. Thank you for helping him pick out the beautiful Mother’s Day flowers and card for me. You made me feel so special. Darren and I wish all of your wives and mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. We are so grateful for all of you!  -Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose"

"Hi. Tom and I wanted to give a shout out to the staff at Upton for helping Ned with self-care, including toothbrushing. Just had another successful dental appointment (thanks Lewis and Winifred!). Ned's dentist commented on how she has seen so many patients from group homes who have lost ground on their dental care during the pandemic. She complimented Ned's Amego staff on the great job they have been doing. Thank you all so much for taking good care of our guy! - Christine Hubbard"

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