Shout Out

Over the years we’ve collected hundreds of messages from the Amego community. Read them here!

Messages to Our Staff

We would like to thank our staff for their dedication to Amego's mission in caring for the individuals we serve.  Below are messages of gratitude that we have received for the amazing work you all are doing!

"Happy Direct Support Professional Week! We want to give a shout out to all of the amazing people who help us keep Emma happy, healthy and safe. She can’t say it with words but we see how happy she is at Tiffany and seeing her develop relationships with her caregivers up there is heartwarming. It’s also comforting to see the genuine enjoyment that staff seem to get from being in her company. This holds true for Amego school staff and Administration too. We want to thank each of you for the roles that you play in Emma’s care and education. You’re the best! - Jennifer Newcomer"
"Hi Birch Street, Thanks for taking such good care of our Josh while we went away. Thanks, Sam for the FaceTime on Saturday. Josh looked great and I picked up everything that he wanted for our visit next Saturday. You all continue to be awesome, and we are so grateful for everything you do. Have a great week.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Hi Birch Street Guys, sorry this shout-out is late. Just want to say thanks for setting up the outside umbrella and chairs for us last Saturday. You make our lives so easy. It was great seeing you Josh and Josh and the house is in good hands with you both. Our Josh is looking so good, and we continue to have great visits with him on Saturdays. Thank you for all that you do for him. I know we say it all the time, but we are really so grateful for all of you and your hard work. Know that you are truly appreciated. God bless you all.  - All our love, Darren and Rose"
"Great visit on Saturday with our Josh Birch Street guys! He seemed to really like his new sleeves with the pink stars. Thanks for keeping him in great shape while we were on vacation and thanks to Sam for calling me during vacation when Josh was missing us. You guys are the best. Addi thanks for all your help this week during my visit. We really appreciate all that you all do for Josh and us. Have a great week! -  All of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Francito at Stone Run is a rock star! He has been such an incredible support to Tommo over the last few weeks as he has been having an increase in difficult behaviors. We want Francito to know how much we appreciate how he looks out for Tommo's best interests on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do Francito!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Hi Addi, Josh, and Exult (hope I got that right), Thanks for a great visit with our Josh today. Special thanks to you Addi for setting up the umbrella and cleaning the table for us before we arrived. We enjoyed our time out outdoors on the deck being serenaded by a Carolina Wren the whole time. We have some ideas for adding a little pink to Josh’s arm guards as he requested today. Hopefully, I can get it done for him this week. Have a great rest of the weekend. We are so grateful for all that you do and a big welcome to you Exult. Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Hi Addi, Sam and Josh, So sorry you had a rough day with our Josh today. Thanks for keeping him safe while he was in a bad way. Also, thanks for letting us know that we could visit around 3:00. We hope we have you all a little well deserved break for a little while. You guys are the best and we appreciate everything that you do. He’s to an easy night and a good rest of the weekend.  -- All our love, Rose and Darren"
"Hi guys, great visit today with our Josh. Nice to see you John and Ebrima. Josh is doing so great! Thank you for all that you do for him. Your gardens are so beautiful. I hope it was okay that I cut a couple of peonies to take home and put on my dining room table. Have a great weekend! - -  Love, Rose and Darren"
"Thanks again to the wonderful Bay Road staff and all the staff at Amego! Your compassionate and cheerful care throughout all the three years of COVID have been awesome. We've appreciated it so much! - Blair and Wayne"
"Another great visit with our Josh today! Bonus today as we got a treat with someone singing “Glory, glory, hallelujah” upstairs. Very nice whoever you were! 😉 Thanks to Addi for watching over us and bringing Josh his meds. And it was great to see Josh as we were leaving. You all are doing such a great job with our Josh! We are so grateful! Have a wonderful weekend.  -All of our love 💕, Rose and Darren"
"Hi guys! Wow, it was great to see you all at today’s visit. Addi, John, Ebrima, Josh and even a bonus siting of Francis! Glad everyone is doing well. Excellent visit with our Josh. Thanks for keeping him in good shape. We are so grateful for all that you do for him. Have a great weekend.  -All our love, Darren and Rose"
"Hi Addi and John,  Thanks for making my Mother’s Day so special by buying me the beautiful flowers for Josh to give me. You guys at Birch Street are the best!!! Darren and I want to wish all of your wives and mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all that you always do. It is always above and beyond anything we could imagine.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren"
"A Big Shout Out out to Winell, Program Coordinator at Owl Drive.  You have done a wonderful job and your efforts don't go unnoticed. - Amego Employee, 

Naire Fortes Coly"

"A HUGE thank you to Vincent and all the staff at Stone Run for taking Tommo to the trampoline park and for FaceTiming us so we could share in his joy. Words can’t express how wonderful it feels to see our son so happy like that. Thank you so much Vinny!!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Shout out to Mackenzie Burke for her compassion and dedication to her students. We are so proud of our granddaughter.  - Madeline  Sabatino & Family"
"Shout out to Birch Street Staff! Thanks, Addi and Josh for helping Darren set up the new outdoor chair cushions, rug, and umbrella for the deck. We hope you all enjoy them. Our Josh was great today. We are so grateful for you guys and all you do for him. Have a great rest of the weekend!  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Thanks, Birch Street for today’s two visits. Our regular visit and our birthday bonus visit later on. We can’t believe our Josh is turning 27. Time flies. It was great seeing you all today; Addi, Josh and John. Thanks, John for taking some pictures and a great video. You all are the best! Have a great rest of the weekend. - Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose"
"Jonathan at Stone Run made us smile this morning. He sent us a great video of Tommo getting ready to go to the Dance Party. His smile in the video made our day! So wonderful to get a video from Tommo. Thank you, Jonathan. - Russ and Karen"
"Masafiri at Stone Run was amazing with Tommo at his doctor’s appointment today. He was so caring and concerned and reminded me to have the doctor look at Tommo’s shoulder where he noticed an injury. He wasn’t hesitating to help Tommo, even when Tommo was upset and was hitting and kicking. Thank you Masafiri! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Wonderful visit today with Josh! It was so enjoyable to sit on the back deck and listen to the birds while Josh ate his lunch. Your gardens look beautiful. All the daffodils and hyacinths blooming are so pretty! It was nice seeing Addi, John and Sam today. You guys are the best! Shoutout to all of Birch Street Staff.  - Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose Marino"
"Jonathan at Stone Run made us smile yesterday. We had not received a text message from our Tommo in such a long time. Jonathan took the time to videotape Tommo enjoying some outside time with a balloon and texted the video to us. Thank you Jonathan for taking a moment to think about what Tommo might like to communicate and then acting on it. We are so grateful. - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"I cannot find the right words sometimes to express my gratitude. I’ve seen my son Carmen delivering to Meals on Wheels (and he didn’t eat it this time) he went to a zoo and he looked so happy and his face was so relaxed! He came home this weekend happy and in a great mood! Sheridan staff huge shout out to you all! Jonisha and all the staff are doing a great job Another shout out too for the Day Program staff, Lisa Pagliuci, you’re a Doll! All the program staff knows to please how thankful we are to know Carmen has quality to his life through all Amego staff! - Linda Auger"
"We truly appreciate the whole Amego staff, they go above and beyond for all the children and adults they serve, and the love they give is truly genuine. My daughter Jeniya has been blessed to have them in her life as well as us, 🧡💙❤💚💜 - Shalene Mendes"
"We want to thank everyone at Amego for hosting such a wonderful event last night. Your caring and commitment always shines through but last night was special. We also learned something new about Emma it was amazing to see her in a dress and having such a blast on the dance floor! We know how much work and coordination it took to hold a Prom for the whole school. Thank you so much! We look forward to the next one! - Jennifer Newcomer"
"Hi Ebrima, Addi and Josh. Sorry our Josh didn’t want to go to the picnic today. Thanks for staying home with him. Hope you enjoyed the bean salad that Darren made. We are so grateful to have you taking care of Josh. Thank you for all that you do! Darren and I wish you and your families a very Happy Easter.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren" 
"We would like Matthew at Stone Run to know that we appreciate him. When we picked Tommo up this weekend, we walked into a terrible mess that Tommo had made. Matthew was so kind to him as he worked calmly and peacefully to clean Tommo. He spoke to him with encouraging words and it warmed my heart to see and hear how gentle he was as he helped Tommo through a difficult moment. Matthew, Thank you so much for all you do for Tommo.- Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Shout out to all of the Birch Street Staff. Today we had the longest visit with our son Josh! Three hours! It was great! Thanks guys for the orange as I was getting hungry when our visit continued past 2:30. Have a great weekend. We are so grateful to all of you.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren Marino"
"Jonathan at Stone Run, You touched our hearts last night. The beautiful way that you spoke to Tommo and his response to you was precious. He was upset and just needed someone to ask how they could help him. When he asked to go walking and you said "Come on buddy, let's go" ...... the smile that came over his face was worth more than all the money in the world to us. Thank you for listening to him and for all that you do to support his needs. We appreciate you!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We want to give a shout-out to Vinny at Stone Run. He recently shared some feelings from his heart and we want him to know how much that conversation meant to us. Thank you Vinny for all you do for Tommo each and every day. - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Shout out to the Birch Street Staff! It was great seeing Addi and Josh on  Saturday. Our Josh seems like he had a growth spurt. He seemed taller this week. Must be from all the good meals you are cooking for him. Thank you for all that you do. We are so grateful! Have a great week. Sending all of our love 💕, Rose and Darren Marino"
"What a nice surprise getting a text message yesterday from Japh at Stone Run. He told us that Tommo was asking for us and asked if he could call us. Thank you Japh for honoring Tommo’s request and for taking such good care of him. We appreciate you!!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"To Vinny at Stone Run: We enjoyed talking with you yesterday and hearing you speak from your heart. It meant more to us than you will ever know. Thank you for everything you do for Tommo every single day!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We want to give a shout-out to Brittany at Stone Run. Thank you so much for reaching out to us when Tommo is upset and asking for Mommy. While it is difficult to get those phone calls, it gives us comfort knowing that you are caring for him and responding to his requests. Thank you for all that you do for him every day Brittany! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Thank you Bay Road staff for giving Brian one of his best birthdays ever! Taking him to a Celtics game was a wonderful thing to do. You have made him so happy with your thoughtfulness and care. We love you Amego! —Wayne and Blair"
"Shout out to Sheridan staff(again!!❤️) Jonisha Charles and all the staff Thank you a million times! Carmen has been doing so well and he is so happy Can I also Shout out to Lisa P at the day program She took Carmen to a farm!! I saw the most beautiful pictures of my son looking so happy it filled my heart! Thank you Amego staff for giving my son a good life! - Linda Auger"
"We are so grateful to Louis from Upton Drive for the help he gave Ned and us this morning at the hospital where Ned had an ENT procedure. It is always tricky helping Ned access needed healthcare and Louis is just fabulous at keeping Ned calm and advocating for him--whether at the dentist's office, at a regular checkup at the doctor's office, or on an EARLY morning like today at the hospital. We see the trust that Ned has in Louis and it means the world to us! - Chris and Tom Hubbard"
"We want Richard at Stone Run to know how much we appreciate him asking about how to improve on Tommo's oral health. He had great questions about the shape of a toothbrush because he wants better access to keep Tommo's teeth and gums healthy. Thank you so much Richard for asking great questions and wanting to do a great job by working to keep Tommo healthy. - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Happy Valentines Day to the wonderful ladies at Newcomb Ave who care for our daughter Erin. Judy and her team do a great job and are truly very caring. Thank you for all you do! Much appreciated! - Ellen & Craig"
"Thank all of you at Amego for making Brent’s education and living s special to him and being there for him. He is transitioning tomorrow into graduating from school and into adulthood. A very important day that will be a very special occasion for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts with all that you do, every day, day in and day out. - The Dressler Family"
"Shout out to the amazing staff of Bayberry Lane! Tara and her team are caring and compassionate professionals. They are so dedicated to the warm environment they have lovingly created. We owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude! (and a special shout out to Maxwell for getting Harry on the elliptical machine !!!) Happy Valentine’s Day from Harry’s family! - Margaret O'Brien"
"Shout out to the Rehoboth House. Love the staff and the staff love John❤️💙❤️. Thank you Aisha for keeping the house moving and shaking! Also shout out to Lisa P. and staff who keep John happy and busy at his day program! - Janet"
"Thank you Sam for being one of Austin’s favorites! We love your energy, positive attitude and the way you talk to him like just “another dude!” - The Linnehan Family"
"Shout out to all who make Tommy D. Enjoy his time at Amego. Thank you to Kristen and your team. All the therapist and everyone who make him smile everyday. I greatly appreciate you all. - Lisa DelGrosso"
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"Thank you, Tara, for taking such good care of Austin! We are very lucky to have you looking out for him and his care!"
"The staff at the house in Mansfield give my daughter Toni a wonderful life. All of us in her family are so grateful for them. Special thanks to Sam and Georgina who help make my visits with Toni such a treat. - Jane D'Arista"
"Kofi, Nana, Winnie, Paul and the Saddle Hill Team are the best of taking good care of our Captain! Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for giving Robbie security, confidence and lots of love. We consider all of you a part of our family. - The McQuaids"
"Shout out to all of our friends at Amego who passionately give with open arms and hearts to improve the lives of others. We are so thankful for the difference that you make each and every day!!" - The Shores <3 Katie, Dave, Devon & Abigail <3"
"Shout out to Sheridan House staff! Jonisha and staff do a great job with Carmen He has been so happy now for quite awhile!! Thank you Amego!! - Linda Auger"
"Sending extra LOVE on Valentine's day to the staff at Bacon Street! - Kate Bray"
"Valentine’s Day is a day to remember those you love. We LOVE the staff at Stone Run!! Thank you for caring for our Tommo with love every day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you💗💖💞💝💘💙 - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"Happy Valentine’s Day to Saddle Hill’s awesome staff!! - Karen Wadler"
"Tina M, You challenge me to be my best. Awesome working with you. Thank you, God bless you! Happy Valentine! - Nana Agorbia "
"AMEGO is my second home and an amazing work place. The environment and energy is unmatched! Amego staff have touched my heart in many ways. Thank you for all that you do, to ALL! :) Keep up the good work. -Lissette S"
"Just wanted to give Program Director for Birch Street Francis Wiapla a special shout out and wish him a very Happy Valentine’s Day. We don’t know what we would do without you. You provide such support and guidance along with your beautiful singing voice. We are so grateful for you! Love 💕 Rose and Darren Marino"
"To all the wonderful staff at Ware Street, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. The past year has been difficult for me and my family but you went above and beyond to ease my mind that my son was in good hands. Thanks for all you do! - Sue Page" 
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"Happy Valentine’s Day Birch Street Staff! John, Josh, Sam, Addi, Jahmal, Daniel, Ebenezer, Ebrima and Flomo you are all wonderful and we love 💕 you so much! Thank you for all that you do each and every day for our Josh. We are so grateful! - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren Marino"
"Brittany at Stone Run continues to amaze us. She is always ready to jump in and help out, even during the messiest of times. Brittany knows what we mean and we want her to know that we appreciate her. Thank you Brittany. - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We were delighted last night to see Tommo full of smiles after being cared for by Japh at Stone Run. Japh is always happy and calm and we want him to know how much we appreciate everything he does for Tommo every day. Thank you Japh! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We want to send a shout out to Jonathan at Stone Run. It was wonderful to see him laughing and smiling with Tommo last night and we love that he was playing catch with him. Their interaction was so fun to watch. Thank you Jonathan for all you do for Tommo every day!! - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"Sending a shout out to Vinny at Stone Run. He gave us such comfort today when he described how the staff play a game with Tommo where he walks all through the house and then lands head first into a bean bag chair. Vinny explained how much Tommo laughs and jokes with them when they do this with him. That warms our heart more than he will every know. Thank you Vinny!! - Russ and Karen Raposa"
We want to give a shout out to Andrea at “Tiffany “ house. She takes excellent care of our daughter and she is always cheerful, helpful and kind. Thank you Andrea, for all that you do, you make a difference and it means the world to us! - Jennifer Newcomer"
"My husband Darren and I are so grateful to the Birch Street Staff. Thanks to John who has recently introduced doing puzzles with our son Josh. Thank you for your patience and dedication to our son. Also thank you to Staff Josh for continued love and support of our son Josh while he also works on his studies for the Bachelor of Arts degree. All the staff are constantly improving themselves for their Amego clients and families.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren Marino"
"Russ and I wanted to say thank you so much to James at Stone Run. When we picked up Tommo yesterday, James was being so kind and caring with Tommo.  We watched James talking Tommo through a difficult moment and he was so calm even when Tommo was grabbing at his shirt. He was encouraging him to be safe and Tommo responded appropriately. He also asked great questions about how to perform proper oral hygiene for Tommo and wanted to step up and try some of the techniques I showed him. We would like him to know how much we appreciate all his efforts to help and care for Tommo every day. - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"A big shout out Jen taking over the Mashpee house. She has been great and so helpful. She cares for all the individuals in that house in they all love her. My daughter Amanda doesn’t stop talking about how nice and cool Jen is. She is great at accommodating visits with my daughter. I appreciate everything she has done and continues to do. - Deb Selan"
"A huge THANK YOU to Folake and Brittany. Folake, we love love when you FaceTime us if Tommo is asking for us. That totally brightens our day!!! Brittany, your insight into how to help Tommo have a good sound sleep is impressive. We appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness and we could never thank you both enough. - Lots of love, Russ and Karen Raposa"
"We want to send a shout out to Eugene and Japh at Stone Run. Thank you both so much for always trying to find ways to make Tommo smile. We know sometimes it can be difficult since he can't speak and you may not know what he wants/needs, but we see you are always working so hard to try to understand him. Thank you again. - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"All the staff at Morse Court are wonderful but Sam is so special for me.He has been a caring presense in my daughter's life for 16 years and understands and values .who she is. He is a major contributer to her quality of life and I am so grateful for all he does. - Jane D'Arista"
"To All Staff:  Thank you so much for being part of our team! We appreciate all that you do and are thankful for all that you do! Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family! - The Borr Family"
 "Thanks to Ebenezer, Addi, Sam and John for a great visit today. Josh is doing so great! We are so lucky to have all of you taking care of him.  - Sending all of our love 💕, Rose and Darren Marino"
"I just wanted to thank the wonderful staff at Mitchell Drive! Drue and Larry brought Tory for a home visit last Wednesday despite having a very busy day and the traffic being terrible the day before Thanksgiving! They said that they did not want Tory to be sad about not seeing her Mom that day. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people watching over our child. - Karen Scanlan"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a nice visit with our Josh today. It was great meeting the new staff, Cadeem! Thanks for taking great care of Josh while we were away on vacation. Too bad he was sleeping when his brother Andrew visited. Have a great rest of the weekend and get well soon to anyone who tested positive for Covid.  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Hi Francis, Thanks for the phone call about the Covid situation at the house. So glad Josh tested negative. Please let the staff that tested positive know that we are thinking about them and hope they are well soon.  -Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today. Darren came in 5th in his pickleball tournament. Josh looks great. Thanks for taking a picture with us John. I wish I could post it here for you to see, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Anyway, keep up the good work. We love you and are so grateful for you all.  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with our Josh today! He’s doing so great! And you guys look awesome! Lots of muscles on display today. It’s nice to know you can stay in shape even watching Josh and the other boys 24/7. We really appreciate all that you do. Have a great rest of the weekend.  - All of our love, Darren and Rose"
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"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today with Josh! We hope he wears his new Sun hat on walks. He seemed to like it. Josh is really looking great. You guys are doing an excellent job with him. Keep it up! We appreciate you all. Sending all of our love, Happy 4th of July! Love, Darren and Rose"
"There are so many shout outs we could give to Marty, but we want to recognize him this week for his incredible thoughtfulness again. When Marty is preparing dinner at Stone Run, he sends us a photo of the food and how beautiful the table has been set for dinner. My wish for my son was always that he would enjoy a beautiful meal every day with his family and friends. When I receive these photos from Marty, it is like my wish has come true and it brings us such joy! He also shares the joys of Tommo's day with my extended family and they are always telling me how much it means to them to receive text messages from Tommo. This is something that would simply be impossible for Tommo to do without Marty!! We know very often individuals with disabilities can be forgotten by family .... but Marty helps them to remember him often. From the bottom of our hearts.... THANK YOU MARTY! - Karen and Russ Raposa"
"I just saw pictures of Carmen outside at the 7/4 cookout I am amazed! He rarely goes outside and to see him sitting with his housemates and staff was so wonderful! I am so grateful to Jonisha and Sheraton house staff! I commend each of you, well done!!!! a million thanks to all! - Linda Auger"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh on Saturday. He had fun with Darren’s phone and doing laps in the backyard. Thanks for keeping him in good shape. He ordered a green sun hat for future walks. We really appreciate and love you all. Keep up the good work!  - All of our love,
Darren and Rose"
"BIG shout - out to Jay for taking my son to Fenway for an amazing night at the Red Sox game! Thank you, Jay!!!"- Katherine B.
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today. He really enjoyed the cookies that I made. We hope you all got to enjoy them also. Have a great rest of the weekend and to all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day. We appreciate you all so much. Thank you for keeping Josh safe and happy. - All of our love, Darren and Rose"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today! And thanks Ebenezer for that African prekese fruit to make tea with. We will definitely trying that. It was nice to see all of you today. Thanks for cleaning up the outside so we could have an outdoor visit today. Josh looks great! You all are doing an excellent job with him. We are so grateful. Next week Josh wanted M&M cookies so I told him I would make a big batch for all of you. We love you all so much! Have a great rest of the weekend!  - All of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Thank you to Ernie and Napoleon for visiting us at our home today. You were both so kind to our son Bill who has pneumonia and helped transition his twin, Jon, back to his group home. You are both so very kind hearted people and we appreciate what you do for our boys. It was so nice to see your interaction with our son who is sick in trying to get a smile out of him- you at least got a smirk! Jon went back to his home and was very calm. We understand he was having a good van ride listening to music! Thank you both! Have a good weekend. - Bill and Angela"
"Hi guys, thanks for helping Josh to have a great day while we are away at Darren’s pickleball tournament in Florida. We will give to a call later to see how everyone is doing. We are so grateful for all of you.  - Sending all of our love, Rose and Darren"
"Words simply can not express our gratitude and admiration for both Sarah and Jessica. They took personal time yesterday to bring incredible joy into our son Tommo's life. There are very few things that make him happy, but jumping at the trampoline park is one of them. It takes incredible patience, strength and lots of coordination to take Tommo on an outing, but they both took the time to make it happen and for that we are beyond grateful. - Russ and Karen Raposa"
"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit with our Josh today. Thank you for helping him pick out the beautiful Mother’s Day flowers and card for me. You made me feel so special. Darren and I wish all of your wives and mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. We are so grateful for all of you!  -Sending all of our love, Darren and Rose"
"Hi. Tom and I wanted to give a shout out to the staff at Upton for helping Ned with self-care, including toothbrushing. Just had another successful dental appointment (thanks Lewis and Winifred!). Ned's dentist commented on how she has seen so many patients from group homes who have lost ground on their dental care during the pandemic. She complimented Ned's Amego staff on the great job they have been doing. Thank you all so much for taking good care of our guy! - Christine Hubbard"

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