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Consultative and Direct Services

ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

BEST Clinical Network, a division of Amego, provides ABA services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Services are available to children aged 18-months and through adulthood.
ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, refers to a variety of treatment techniques based on the scientific principles of behavior analysis. ABA is not a specific treatment, but an approach to treatment that allows the ABA therapist to use a variety of techniques that work best for the unique needs of a given child.
Programs are based on an initial assessment, family preferences, and consultation with your child’s school and other therapists as applicable. Each program is overseen and monitored by a Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA) / Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who also provides on-going training and support to families and caregivers working with your child. Clients can be seen at the home, in the clinic, or a combination of both.

Direct ABA Services

Home Based ABA Services

Amego’s In-Home ABA services are tailored to the specific needs of the child in the home and community setting. A comprehensive treatment plan is developed that outlines specific goals and objectives for services to promote skills in all areas of development. Home based services can occur 7 days per week at various times of the day depending on the child’s needs. Some examples of skills being taught include daily living skills, communication skills, verbal behavior, and decreasing challenging behavior. There are opportunities for parent support to promote generalization of skills and to assist parents when addressing challenging behaviors in the home or community.

Center Based ABA Services

Center based programs offer on-site direct ABA services. Individuals participating in this program receive 15-20 hours of ABA services per week. During sessions there are discrete trial opportunities along with social interactions with peers. Each child has a comprehensive treatment plan that outlines all goals for services. Center based services offer both a morning and an afternoon session.

School Vacation & Summer Camps

These programs provide different options for families including full-day, partial day, and part-time. During sessions there are opportunities for 1:1 instruction, group instruction, social skills training, and special activities.

Social Skills Groups


Amego’s playgroups focus on the children following a structured routine. Our dedicated staff create opportunities to teach social skills such as waiting, attending, turn taking, joint attention and appropriate engagement in a group environment. Specific goals are identified for each participant based upon initial social skills assessment. The ages for playgroups range from 2-6 years. Groups consist of 3-6 children per session who are similar in age and functioning level. The ratio for playgroups is 1:3, although accommodations can be made for children requiring additional support.

Behavioral Skills Training

Amego’s Behavior Skills Training groups focus on training specific social skills. Skills are trained through the use of video modeling, role playing, and feedback of performance. The age range for these groups ranges from 5 years to adolescents. Groups consist of 3-6 participants per session who are similar in age and functioning level. The ratio for playgroups is 1:3, although accommodations can be made for children requiring additional support.