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Amego Diagnostic and Assessment Center

Amego provides evaluation and assessment services to individuals of all ages  Our services consist of an interdisciplinary team of clinicians including Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts (BCBA's) who provide comprehensive diagnostic and behavior intervention services.  Our goal is to diagnose early, provide the most comprehensive assessment and treatment plan possible and provide families with the support to best take care of their child.

Our diagnostic clinicians will use a variety of assessments to determine your child's needs.  Areas that may be assessed include:

  • Sensory processing
  • Expressive and receptive communication
  • Social communication
  • Play Skills
  • Behavior
  • Language
  • Social development

Diagnostic Services Include:

Psychological Evaluations

Standardized psychological testing instruments are utilized to evaluate children and adolescents.  A child may be referred who is suspected to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including delays or challenging behaviors.  This evaluation consists of a diagnostic assessment conducted by our Psychologist.  Diagnostic clarification and eligibility documentation will be provided.

Independent Educational Evaluations & Clinical Consultations

Independent Educational Evaluations, as provided under PL94-142, will include a review of educational history, current special educational plans and services (IEP/504), recent progress notes, and previous school test results, in addition to direct observations of the student in their classroom and home settings.  Clinical consultation is also available to assess progress, review educational plans, and consult to the educational team.

Functional Assessments

A Functional Assessment is a behavioral diagnostic process for gathering specific information about a student's behavior in order to identify the function or purpose that the behavior serves.  The information gathered in this process will be utilized to develop interventions to change behaviors of concern and to teach new functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.  This is the first step in designing a behavior support plan.

Preference Assessments

Conducting standardized Evidence-Based Preference Assessments aims to identify an individual's favorite things so that they can be used as reinforcers of appropriate and desired behavior.  The findings of a Preference Assessment will help guide a Behavior Management Treatment plan to ensure success.