Caring, Support and Lifelong Learning

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Messages to Our Staff

We would like to thank our staff for their dedication to Amego's mission in caring for the individuals we serve.  Below are messages of gratitude that we have received for the amazing work you all are doing!


"The front line work-force at Amego is, always has been, and always will be the heart and soul of this great agency and our mission. Thank you for all you are doing during this most difficult period."- John Randall, President and CEO, Amego, Inc.

"Three cheers for the Bay Road staff of angels and saints. We are so grateful for their kindness, perseverance, competence, and caring, especially in these very stressful times." -Blair and Wayne Kernochan

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of all of the clients at Norwood house at this trying time! We appreciate you more then you will ever know! We are so privileged to have such caring staff to watch over our loved ones and we feel so lucky to be part of such a big family!" -Nancy and Michael Borr

"I cannot fully express how grateful I am for Timmy having such dedicated staff. You are doing a spectacular job, and your hard work is greatly appreciated. I know Timmy is in good hands. Thank you so very much." -Lisa Brown

"I would like to thank Eileen for getting our daughter's social skills group up and running through Zoom. It is the highlight of her week! She greatly misses the routine of school, so when the day comes where she gets to connect with her friends from "Friendship Club" she counts down the hours until she signs on to see everyone's faces! All Eileen is doing to keep the kids connected truly means a lot to our family." -Betsy Roche

"We can't thank you enough for your commitment to Matthew and the other guys at Red Coat.  Matt always sounds good on the phone and today I got some great photos from Jenny.  Matt was smiling in all of them. That really made me feel better.  Looking forward to the day Matthew can come home and I can thank you all in person. Fondly, Rosemarie"

"Junior, Pa, Sosa, Drew, and other staff of Millis House- Thanks to all of the Millis House staff who continue to take care of Coleman and his housemates.  Under ordinary circumstances I would not be able to do what you do everyday.  Now, during extraordinary times I want to say I am thinking of you and the care and attention that must be even more challenging.
Junior, you took over leadership at the Millis house and from my end, it seems like your calm, caring attention to all matters is winning out. You must know that Cole loves you and being around you.  Pa, I know that Cole is in good, strong hands with you and you keep me informed of the important matters about my son. You make us both laugh and bring joy every time, everywhere.  Sosa, you are there through thick and thin and that means a great deal to everybody.  I hope you let more of that laugh, and smile out cause it makes everybody feel good. Drew, sometimes I think I hear your voice and then I realize, no, I'm safe down here in Attleboro! Ha ha! You keep it all organized I think, you keep everybody in line and moving forward, playing tough, but I see the love and care shining through! Thank You All, I admire, respect and love what you do." -Peter Dames

"Thank you for all you are doing for our son and the other residents at Brockton.  It isn’t an easy job and all your work and dedication is very much appreciated.  Hopefully the isolation will end soon."  -Joe & Cathy Conti

"To all the staff at Rehoboth, we would like to thank each and everyone of you. I know I drive you guys crazy sometimes, but I truly appreciate you. John loves you and it shows. In these trying and crying times you keep me sane." - Janet and Kevin Drinan

"Alex and dhruv and I miss all of you, especially our weekend catch-ups when you’d drop him off. Extra shout out to Alex’s’ special buddies Hennah and Richard and to the nurses Bumi, Jeff, Susan and Edith who are busy in other houses. But we’re thinking of all of you and look forward to there being an end at some point." -Diana Grewal

"While Alex and I are quarantining at home we think of our friends and staff at Saddle Hill all the time. You are all amazing! I don’t know what we would do without this wonderful group of staff!
We love and miss you ❤" -Karen and Alex

"To our Front Line staff at Sheridan House- You are the elite team set to the difficult task of keeping our children safe, engaged, cared for and loved. Your time away from your loved ones to do a job under stressful, scary and uncertain times does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! We hold you in the highest regard and my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your devotion, dedication and selflessness is such an incredible and inspiring thing to see. People like you restore my faith in humanity! We see you all and appreciate you all. Thank you!" -Linda Auger

"We can’t even begin to list all the amazing and special ways that Ashley goes above and beyond everyday, but last night he realized our son Tommo was sad, having trouble sleeping and probably missing us. He called us later at night than usual and we were thrilled to hear our sons voice. It helped him fall sleep right away and once again showed how caring and thoughtful Ashley is everyday. He always has a smile on his face and is always positive. You would never know when Ashley is having a bad day. Thank you Ashley for all that you do. Amego is very lucky to have you." -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Kristi and Cortneigh have been creating personalized t-shirts for BEST children and making no contact deliveries. It has truly brightened up each kiddos’ day to receive such a thoughtful gift. In these trying and confusing times, or is truly important to stay connected 🙂" -Eileen Sweeney

"Heather has been preparing crafts for the Wednesday social skills group for some time now. In the wake of this pandemic, she has continued this routine by making and delivering kits to the staff and children. Keeping up with routines makes a huge impact on the day of those who are stuck at home!" -Eileen Sweeney

"Miss visiting you all on Sundays!  Thank you for taking good care of Tony! You guys are the best! Blessings to all..I'll make you an Italian meal and we'll celebrate when this is over! Best Always, Geri"

"A shout out to all of the spectacular staff at Upton Road. You are doing an amazing job! We are so grateful that you have kept Ned settled during these incredibly unsettling circumstances. We deeply appreciate your care--the meals, the haircuts, the walks and the fun we have seen in photos and video.  And thank you for keeping us looped in with calls, texts, etc... It means the world for us to see Ned on the screen.  You have our deep appreciation and all our heartfelt wishes always for you and your families." -Tom and Christine Hubbard

"To all staff at Melcher: We appreciate EVERY single one of you who are working so hard to care for the boys at Melcher and particularly with our son, Evan who is missed so much!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!" ❤
-The DeLangs

"I am indescribably appreciative of your dedication, professionalism, and care, particularly in this crisis. I am sure that Gus, in his own way, is grateful also." -Christopher Chase

"Thank you all at Birch St for keeping the faith! You all are greatly appreciated." -Darren Marino

"Larry and I are so incredibly grateful for all of the support, dedication and caring you have shown and continue to show Josh and us during this unprecedented time. From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you! You're the best!!!" -Deborah Samet

"Thank you all the staff at Mechanic St. You are truly heroes!  Stay well...." -From John Scales' Family.

"We asked Jonathan if he missed his friends at his house. He smiled and said: "Miss my friends!" in a nice loud voice. Jonathan only speaks if he agrees with what he is saying. I could tell he does miss you all there at his house. I want to thank you all for bringing out his Meds to us. That was a really big help. It is very important work that you are doing and even though we took Jonathan to stay with us during this time we do appreciate all you do for him throughout the year. We were going to miss him too much if I couldn't see him. That is why we brought him here. Thank you for being there." -Cynthia and Steven Lovewell

"I miss my wonderful Norton House family! Please everyone stay safe and well! Prayers and Blessings!" -Brent Dressler

"We want to send a great big THANK YOU to all of the staff at Norwood House for taking such good care of our Ted during this really trying time. We so appreciate the sacrifices you are making in your own lives and with your own families to take care of ours. We don’t take for granted your hard work and dedication and think of you all the time! Thank you!!!" -Tessa and Bill Cannata

"Happy Birthday Peter! Didn’t know we had the same birthday. Thanks for taking good care of my Josh and thanks for the update of how he’s doing. We appreciate all of you staff very much! Stay well!" -Rose Marino

"Hi John, Thanks for all of the FaceTimes you do with Josh and me. They really make my day. I really appreciate you and all the staff and how you are taking care of my Josh. Thank you so much!" -Rose Marino

"Kristi and Cortneigh have been creating personalized t-shirts for BEST children and making no contact deliveries. It has truly brightened up each kiddos’ day to receive such a thoughtful gift. In these trying and confusing times, or is truly important to stay connected 🙂" -Eileen Sweeney

"Heather has been preparing crafts for the Wednesday social skills group for some time now. In the wake of this pandemic, she has continued this routine by making and delivering kits to the staff and children. Keeping up with routines makes a huge impact on the day of those who are stuck at home!" -Eileen Sweeney

"I want to give a special shout out to Charles. He's been very brave while caring for my son who is very ill for a week and a half now. He had to endure a trip to the ER with him which was not easy as my son is petrified of needles. He has been very kind to take my numerous calls each day and treat me with respect and concern. I know he is taking very good care of Timmy. I am so lucky to have Timmy in such capable hands during this. Thank you Charles!" -Lisa Brown

"My appreciation and admiration for you all grows each day/week as this situation continues. Your dedication to protocol and safety is amazing as well as your caring and support for each individual.
Thank you so much for putting in so much effort all day and night to maintain consistency and stability. Words will never be enough. Our extended family thanks you all. Most importantly, I know Sean does." -Tracey Sweeney

"Thanks to Sherry Lescano and all the staff at the Morse Street residence for keeping everything under control during this difficult time." -Irene Tanzman

"A special message to the team at Morse Court. You guys are great and we miss you very much.
The long hours you work and the sacrifice you continue to make is not going unnoticed.
Thanks to each and everyone of you for everything. You are in our thoughts and prayers." -Paul and Ruth Bergman

"To the staff at Tiffany- Shout out to all the staff throwing a birthday party for one of the residents! Thanks for making her birthday special!" -Tara Sweeney

"A very special thank you to Mike Kearns who took the time to ensure that our son was able to join in with his family on Zoom to celebrate Passover. Although, our son was unable to join in person, Mike ensured that our son had everything he needed to feel like he was an active participant. Mike found Matzah and grape juice, and assisted Linda to make our special recipe of Charoset (apples, walnuts, grape juice, honey and cinnamon) and helped ensure our son stayed on task and felt included in this unique Seder. Thank you Mike for making this happen! We greatly appreciate your special attention to what matters!!" -Geoff and Gilah Haber and family

"I am so appreciative of all the sacrifices you are making to take care of my son and help keep him safe. You guys are my heroes!!!!" -Sharon Miller

"George has been very diligent about ensuring that Noam face times with his family members. Not only does he stay to ensure that our son is able to be seen, helps our son answer family questions, but also passes on the new time and details to other staff members so they can face the following day. Thank you George for helping our son feel connected to his siblings and loved ones during this period in which family can not be there in person! And, thank you for all you do each day with a smile!" -Gilah, Geoff and family

"Thanks so much for celebrating our daughter’s birthday with a cake, balloons and presents. It was a joy to join you in singing Happy Birthday vía FaceTime and to see her cutting and serving her birthday cake. We didn’t know she had that skill. We were very touched by your thoughtfulness." -Hazel Navarro

"Dear staff,
We want to express our sincerest gratitude to each one of you. Knowing that Tricia ( daughter, sister, niece, & aunt ) is safe, sound and receiving the best care possible during this horrific time means so much to our family. Thank you from all of us. Please let us know if you need anything we will do our best to help. We will continue to keep you, your family’s and all the extended Amego staff in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,

Sheila, Danielle, Amanda and Auntie Betsey"

"To all the amazing wonderful staff at Grandview. Thank you so much for the tireless job that you do everyday keep my son safe and sound. I greatly appreciate it and you have My heartfelt gratitude thank you very much." -Sandra Hughes

"To all the amazing wonderful staff at Melcher. Thank you so much for the tireless job that you do everyday keep my son safe and sound. I greatly appreciate it and you have My heartfelt gratitude thank you very much." -Sandra Hughes

"Thank you for your compassion and concern for David always and especially during this very difficult time. You are all so appreciated by my mother and myself. God bless." -Priscilla Romeiser

"Thank you ❤
To all the staff at Amego." -Sandra Hughes

"You are mine and their Super Hero’s ! Taking care of my friends. I miss you and can’t wait until we are all back together." -Tommy D

"We just want to acknowledge all the wonderful staff at Sheridan House where my son Carmen resides. It has been a very difficult time to not see Carmen, and for all the parents to not see their loved ones. The staff has been outstanding with keeping us all updated as to how the kids are doing, sending videos, and keeping us connected.
We appreciate their support, courage and dedication for caring for our kids! An army of angels for sure!! Sending a big thank you to all of you!!!" -Tony Maggiore

"Hi Guys, Just want you all to know that you are in our thoughts everyday and we are so thankful to you for taking such good care of our Josh. Looking forward to when we can all get together and have a big cookout in the backyard. Until then, stay safe and healthy. Eat lots of healthy fruits and veggies! We love you!" -Rose Marino

"I want to express my great appreciation for the Stephen Anim and the entire staff at Meadowbrook. They have always taken excellent and loving care of my son. Right now, you are all going above and beyond. I greatly appreciate all you do and please, if you want a night off from cooking, do contact me. Words cannot express the depth of my regard for all of you.
Susan Ackerman"

"Dear Hillside Staff, Thank you more than you know, for caring for our children at this hour. We know you are of great value and giving your best. Please know we are trying to reach out to whomever we think may be able to support and benefit you and the boys. May you be greatly nourished mentally, physically and spiritually, you are life-savers, treasured, in truth. Thinking of you, Mary Romcevich & Family"

"Susan, Margo and I want to thank all the Amego staff during this crisis. We also want to give a shout out to Jonathan Munoz for taking time to do Zoom chats with Margo who misses her day program at Northborough greatly. He is very reassuring and helps her to realize that the Amego day program team is still out there for her. We appreciate his ability to pivot to residential support. Thank you Jonathan and Amego!" -Bradley Richelson

"To all the outstanding and amazing caregivers at Morse Street~~~~~~~~~

It is difficult to put into words how much you all mean to our entire family.
We know how challenging your work is. You are caring for individuals who can't express their needs and then feelings of gratitude and love for all that you do for them.
Your dedication and conscientious care of our daughter mean everything in the world to us. We wish that we could care for Mary on our own but as time went on we and other professionals realized that there was a better way. That meant finding a supportive, caring environment for Mary outside of our home. It was a difficult and challenging decision but discovering Amego and the staff that they select changed our lives. Because of all of you Mary continues to be a very happy person....we know this because....she looks forward to returning to her house after weekend visits (pre-COVID); she loves going to the ("school") Day Program; she loves her routine; and she loves ALL her caring staff. You are doing an amazing job and we will be forever grateful. We wish all good things for you and your families because you are guardian angels who are doing Gods work here on Earth.
Again you all mean the word to us and we love you." - John and Molly

"Thank you all for your continued sacrifice taking great care of my son Jacob and all the others! You are truly a Blessing!" -June Hayes

"We can’t even begin to list all the amazing and special ways that Ashley goes above and beyond everyday, but last night he realized our son Tommo was sad, having trouble sleeping and probably missing us. He called us later at night than usual and we were thrilled to hear our sons voice. It helped him fall sleep right away and once again showed how caring and thoughtful Ashley is everyday. He always has a smile on his face and is always positive. You would never know when Ashley is having a bad day. Thank you Ashley for all that you do. Amego is very lucky to have you." -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Thanks so much to Gollone Moore and the awesome staff at Cliff Drive!" -Eileen Hagerty

"Hi guys, Thanks for the FaceTime with Josh today. He looks great! We are so happy that he is feeling better. Thank you all for taking such good care of him. We’re sending all of our love!" -Rose Marino

"Hi Francis, Thanks so much for FaceTiming us yesterday while Josh was sleeping. It was great just to see him. Also, thanks for texting the picture of him drinking his OJ last night. He looked much better. It was nice talking to you today. Thank you for the information regarding Josh’s stimulus check. Have a great rest of the weekend! Thanks for all that you and your staff do to keep Josh safe and feeling better ❤!" -Rose Marino

"We would like to thank Remi & Jemama for making Isaac a beautiful birthday celebration at Morse Street. We were very sad and disappointed that we could not be with Isaac on his birthday, but gladdened by the fact that he had a beautiful cake and a festive meal at Morse Street. I hope everyone had fun. We really appreciate all the trouble Remi and Jemama went through to make Isaac's birthday special." -Irene Tanzman

"Hi Francis, Thanks for the pictures of Josh tonight. Any chance we get to see him is great. It really helps me sleep at night knowing that you and your staff are taking good care of him. Thank you again for all that you are doing. Take care, Rose ❤"

"Kazeem Balogu- Your flexibility, commitment and years of service to Amego and the individuals we support is very much appreciated.

God bless, Lisa Wirth"

"Naire Coly- You have stepped into a temporary senior role and I just wanted to publicly let you know I appreciate your work, commitment and follow thorough." -Lisa Wirth

"To our direct support professionals who have been working tirelessly since March 13th- I am in awe of your dedication and commitment to our mission.  You are the face of Amego- I am proud to call you my colleagues.  Thank you all for all you do everyday, but ESPECIALLY now." -Betsy Roche

"I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Richard Jedege for giving all the individuals at ware street a hair cut last week- it was a wonderful gesture coming from him." -Naire Fortes Coly

"Hi Krystal, Thank you so much for all your loving care of our son Josh. We look forward to your daily texts and truly appreciate all that you are doing. Thanks again and stay healthy." Love The Marino’s

"Justin Moniz has done a wonderful job Transitioning from recruitment back into programming.  He has a very calm demeanor and has been supporting two programs through this Pandemic, assisting with schedules providing after our On-call coverage and delivering supplies to his assigned programs. Many families were very happy to have him back assisting during this very challenging time. Justin is an employee who is committed to Amego’s mission and will assist in any way he can.  Thank you Justin!"

"Tracie is relatively new to Amego but her commitment to individuals with intellectual disabilities and Amego‘s mission has demonstrated in her work on a daily basis. Tracie has temporarily stepped into a more senior role overseeing two programs. Her assistance during this Pandemic is very much appreciated."

"Eric Larsen has worked for Amego for several years as a program coordinator. During this Pandemic he accepted additional responsibility and stepped into a temporary role supervising two programs. Eric is someone who works behind the scene and gets the job done. His willingness to step forward and help out during this Pandemic is very much appreciated. Well done Eric!"

"Mable Torres has been an Amego employee for many,  many years. Her commitment and dedication to the individuals we serve is highly commendable. Mabel has worked tirelessly through this Pandemic supporting the four women in one of Amego‘s homes. Mabel often worked by herself to support these women providing the structure, care and support they need to live happy healthy lives. Mable is one of my true heroes!"

"Another great FaceTime tonight! Thank you so much John for making that happen. It’s comforting to know that you are there with Josh. He seems like he’ll be ready for his birthday cake on Saturday. That is great! Thanks for all you’re doing. Take care, Rose"


Thank you for sending us a most wonderful, smiling photo of my son. You and the Birch St guys are doing a great job nurturing Josh back to good health. Stay strong." -Darren Marino

"Dear John,
Josh looked so great on the video that you sent last night! Thank you so much  for thinking about us and for watching over Josh. We love  you! Take care." -Rose Marino

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank ALL staff members at Ash st for their hard work, flexibility and endurance during this crisis. It has not been easy on them and their continued care and support of the individuals has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the great work team!" -Josh Call-Fregeau

"I just wanted to say a huge T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U for your continued dedication and support to my son Marc. This has been such a challenging time. You truly have come through & not abandonded those most in need. Words could never fully express the gratitude we have for you. You are the unsung heroes! Marc's brother misses him...but he knows that his brother is safe and happy because of everyone's efforts at Amego. With much love- Lisa and family"

"Dear John,
Thank you for all that you are doing for Josh. Seeing you with him everyday, I thought you might be living there now and you told me you were tonight during our FaceTime. Your level of dedication and commitment is amazing! Josh is so lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you for taking care of Josh throughout his illness. He looked so good today. You are my hero. I cannot thank you enough. If you need anything, please let me know. Take care, Rose "

"It has been an honor to work with staff that comes in everyday to help run deliveries and food to our houses. I have gotten to know staff that I wouldn’t normally work with and I truly admire their dedication and their willingness to do whatever they can to help our staff assigned to the houses. At times, they are on the road for hours ensuring that the clients and staff have what they need to be healthy and safe! They are an amazing support and I am so happy to be a part of this team!" -Kelly Terreault

"Jeff Thuo- Thank you for the personnel sacrifice you have made to provide medical oversight to our individuals affected by COVID-19." -Lisa Wirth

"Camila Duarte- You have an abundance of energy and dedication to the field. Not only do you oversee 2 programs during the COVID-19 Pandemic but also care for the elderly as an R.N. in all your spare time 🙂

You Rock!!" -Lisa Wirth

"Alexis Bandoma- just because of who you are, what you do daily and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic." -Lisa Wirth

"Gollone Moore- Simply put... you are doing a wonderful job!" -Lisa Wirth

"Sheridan Street Staff- A personal thanks to all of you for the long hours and personal sacrifice you've all made to get us through this pandemic. We appreciate each and every staff assisting this program.

Together we'll get through this!

🙂" -Lisa Wirth

"John Cone- thanks for all you do and have done covering physical plant matters. You keep things moving in the correct direction!" -Lisa Wirth

"Bunmi Fayemi, - Thank you for the personnel sacrifice you have made to provide medical oversight to our individuals affected by COVID-19." -Lisa Wirth

"Carmine Staff- This team is solid as a rock; thanks to all of you for your dedication and commitment to the individuals we support." -Lisa Wirth

"David Ballah- David,

You have been steadfast in supporting your team during this pandemic.

thank you, Lisa Wirth"

"Yemi Otokiti - Sheridan Street PC- I never questioned your commitment and dedication to the agency's mission and the individuals we support. You have been consistent in this throughout your employment and especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

THANK YOU!" -Lisa Wirth

"Nice FaceTime with Josh this morning! Thanks John! Happy Birthday Josh! We love all of you. We love Josh! Thanks for loving him too! Have a great day!" -Rose Marino

"To the staff at Taunton, please know that your selflessness does not go unnoticed. You ladies have worked and continue to work countless hours to ensure that the individuals have the best care possible during these unprecedented times. Please know that you are appreciated more than words can say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!" -Tina Maguire

"I would like to take this time to SHOUT OUT the staff at Mechanic St. You all have been working long hours providing the best care for the individuals we serve. Your sacrifices are not over looked, you all are the unsung heroes of this pandemic, THANK YOU!!!!" -Tina Maguire

"Melvin is doing a wonderful job, his dedication to our boys and his staff has contributed to the success of Smallwood Circle during this trying time. His leadership qualities motivate others to give their best performance. We are fortunate to have a hard worker like Melvin as the House Manager. He has helped me with planning our weekly Tuesday evening meals that we have and will continue to donate to the clients and staff at the residence for them to enjoy and show our appreciation to the whole team. Thank you!" -Angela Masiello

"I would like to recognize all the staff at Ash St for all their hard work and dedication to the individuals we serve. The health and safety of the individuals have been your priority, many of you leaving your families for countless days to ensure the individuals have familiar faces to help guide them through these changing times. THANK YOU!!!!!" -Tina Maguire

"To the Tremont staff, THANK YOU for all you do for the individuals who live there. You have ensured they continue to engage in their daily routines and communicate with their parents/guardians on a regular basis. Your dedication to the individuals does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated and respected. THANK YOU!!!" -Tina Maguire

"Thank you Francis for the Birthday Cake video and Happy Birthday song from all the staff today. Thank you all for making Josh’s day special. You are all the best!" -Rose Marino

"I would like to thank Michael and Judi for their willingness to lend a hand and help me out with a major project during this difficult time. They took on a project that was completely not in their job description (and not very fun!) just to take something off of my plate. I am truly grateful for their help and proud to have them as my colleagues!!!" -Betsy Roche

"Thanks for going above and beyond Don and supporting our staff and individuals and their physical plant needs!!!!!" -Craig Parlato

"Dear Francis, Thank you so much for the pictures of Josh outside today and the update. We really appreciate all you efforts for Josh and the way you lead your staff. All our love, Rose and Darren"

"Words cannot express the thoughts of admiration and thanks that my Bill and I have for all of you. Margaret, Ewuraesi, Francis and Godfrey!

Words seem so inadequate to thank the four of you, who are risking their lives during these challenging times to make sure that Billy, Jonathan and and the other boys are safe and healthy.   Thank you for your commitment and dedication; thank you for your compassion, collaboration, and courage; thank you for providing exceptional care and, perhaps, most importantly, thank you for giving us hope and bringing light during these times of uncertainty and fear.  You are the true heroes and we appreciate you and your sacrifices more than words can say.

WE would like to thank you personally, all of you have displayed courageous, selfless, and genuine caring for those that need you the most during COVID.  We know you have been missing your families, loved ones, as you are caring for everyone else.  You are being stretched thin and most likely fighting the virus yourselves.

Your contributions are appreciated and we thank you in our prayers, hearts, and minds each and every day. You are all Angels. God Bless You All and please stay well!!!


"Just wanted Kinkin to know that we appreciate his ability to make Tommo smile and giggle. Had a great phone call yesterday and both Tommo and Kinkin were giggling through most of it. Made our day!!!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Nana and Everyone at Saddle Hill- I felt so peaceful on the way home after our visit with Rob-bob today. The comfort during these past 3 months was knowing that Robbie is in good hands. Nana and Everyone at Saddle Hill, if I said thank you a million times I would need to thank you more! Thank you for letting the captain think he's the captain. God bless you all!" -Erin, Rich, Owen, Mary, and Elisabeth

"Birch Street / John, Jahmal, Samuel, Daniel, Francis and Maxwell- Thanks guys for a great visit with Josh today. You are the best! All our love, Rose and Darren Marino"

"Thank you, Geraldine, for all you have done during this pandemic to keep our guy safe and healthy. We truly appreciate all the texts, calls and other arrangements you made so we could keep in touch with you, other house staff and Ned, especially when the house went "hot." And thank you and the rest of the staff at 60 Upton for the recent communications and arrangements that have allowed us to begin backyard visits. You and all the crew at 60 Upton are deeply appreciated!" -Tom and Chris Hubbard

"To Jenny and the staff,I want to thank you again for doing such a great job during this crazy time. My phone calls to Matthew are always upbeat and positive.
My FaceTime with Matthew and Jenny are encouraging.
Matt looks great and he’s happy.
I miss him so much but I know he’s doing well.
Looking forward to bringing him home for visits and seeing all of you in person." -Rosemarie Kane

"Hi Arthur - I am always happy to see when you are working with Carter. I know how challenging he can be at times and the way you deal with him is very kind! I know it makes him happy inside when you are there and he appreciates what you do! So do I !!! Thank you so very much for being there!!!" -Carl Rehbein

"A special thank you to Famatta Wright from the Amego nursing team.
Famatta provided my son David with all the extra nursing support during his recent extended time in the hospital and rehab. Her support helped us get thru this very difficult time." -Paul Bergman

"Just wanted to thank you all for making my Sunday visits with Tony so enjoyable!
So good to see my Tony and you all.
The Best of Regards, Geri"

"A special thank you to Tracie and the entire staff at Morse Court for there support of my son David. David is going thru a difficult time and the Morse Court team is doing everything right to make him comfortable and help get him back to full strength." -Paul Bergman

"It all began as a sprint and then turned into a marathon. I hereby declare all the Morse Court staff as winners." -Chris Chase

"My son Max attends the day program in Northborough. We would like to send a "Shout Out" to all of you who have been working tirelessly to keep your beloved residential clients safe, healthy, and happy! Through the weekly Zoom meetings with John Randall, my family and I have been kept abreast of the challenges that you face every day since the arrival of the pandemic.
We just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do!!! You are in our prayers!!!" -Teresa Peacock

"We are so impressed, grateful and truly moved by the hard work, professionalism and dedication, as well as warmth, that Heidi and all of the Carmine staff show every day in all they do. A million thank you's from the bottom of our hearts! -Larry and Deb Samet

"Thank you so much for making our visit with Harry so successful last week! He looked good and happy! Thank you for all that you have done for him throughout the pandemic and beyond!!"
All the best,
The Chaves’ Family

"Shout out to everyone who has tirelessly dedicated their time to work with all the students at Grandview! They have sacrificed time with family and being able to go into the community because of their dedication to the program and students! Well done!" -Susan LaPlant

"A heartfelt thanks to Geraldine who managed the Pandemic logistics with all it's ups and downs and uncertainties with great ease and purpose. She was a pleasure to have on the other end of the phone during each phase. The staff worked so well with her and she with them, that the collaboration made our family life that much smoother during this time. Geraldine's organization, communication and caring were simply top notch. Thank you from all the Sweeneys."

"Thank you, Tiffany House for a memorable Father’s Day Visit. Maya seemed so happy! She’s becoming quite the techie too as she and Dad FaceTimed with her grandmother who cried happy tears when Maya blew her a kiss. We got some great pictures. As the visit time came to an end, staff explained that it was time to say goodbye and go back inside the house to see her schedule. Maya did not protest. She waved at us and happily ran back into the house. For a young woman who is nonverbal, she sure let us know that she is doing well thanks to the kind staff at Tiffany House." -Hazel Navarro

"Hi Sam, Thanks for the FaceTime tonight! Better luck next week with our visit with Josh guys. Thanks!" -Rose Marino

"Once again, I would like to applaud the efforts of all staff at my son Carmen's house, Sheridan. I know my son and his house mates are getting great care. I get pictures and videos weekly which I treasure! The house manager, Yemi, is a very caring, dedicated professional. He has taken an enormous amount of his time to really know my son. He genuinely cares about his progress and well being. I think he is absolutely marvelous and yet another wonderful example of excellence in leadership, so typical of Amego Inc. Bravo! and many many thanks!! I will be forever grateful for all Amego does!" -Linda Auger

"Dear AMEGO/ OPEIU Local 6 members and staff;
Congratulations on your diligent efforts to ensure your clients and yourselves are safe and healthy during this CV19 pandemic.
OPEIU Local 6 is proud of the work you do and we’ve always been honored to represent you. Keep up all the great work and don’t hesitate to reach out to Local 6 with any questions or concerns.
In Unity,
Dan Totten
Business Agent
OPEIU Local 6"

"Hello Birch Street Staff, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today. We love you Sam, John, Jhamal and the person who took my temperature (not sure who was under that mask!). Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks as always for keeping Josh safe and happy during these trying times. Love, Rose Marino"

"Once again Ashley took the time to put himself in our son Tommo's shoes to think about how he would feel and what would he want if he was upset. Late last night when Tommo woke up from a sound sleep and he was crying tears, Ashley did not hesitate to ask him if he wanted to talk with Mom & Dad. When Ashley called us we were able to help Tommo settle down so he could go back to sleep. It was clear when Ashley recently went on vacation that Tommo missed his support buddy. It takes a special person to take care of someone who can't speak for themselves and Ashley is that special person!!!! Our family is blessed to have him in our lives and I know Tommo agrees!"  -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Thank you all for another great visit with Harry and thank you for getting Harry's hair cut! He looked very handsome (and cooler:)! Thank you for everything you do!
All the best,
The Chaves Family"

"Wanted to give a shout out to all the staff at 60 Upton Road and to Paul Mahoney for helping Ned to learn to wear a mask. We know it is a work in progress, but we were thrilled to see him in pictures this week on a walk in the park with a mask on. Bravo!" -Christine Hubbard

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today with Josh! You all are doing an outstanding job with him! Thank you so much! Happy 4th of July. All my love, Rose Marino"

"Wanted to send a note to let Momar know how much we appreciate him. He always has a calm way with Tommo and speaks to him as an adult. We appreciate how Tommo responds to him and we are so grateful to Momar for all that he does for him everyday." -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Thank you to the wonderful staff who have helped keep my brother Marc safe and happy!" - Luke Cordero-Rader

"Emanny always takes the time to think about how Tommo is feeling. When he removes his ear protectors, he stops to think about the fact that his ears and head might be itchy from wearing it all day. Emmany goes above and beyond by taking a few moments to rub Tommo's ears and scratch his head to help him feel comfortable as he falls asleep. Such a caring and thoughtful thing to do. We appreciate you Emanny!!!" -Karen and Russ Raposa

To the leadership team: "I think our Wednesday evening Zoom meeting is the closest I will ever come to imagining what FDR fireside chats were like. Thank you especially to John and Jen (although it’s not always clear which of you is “really” in charge) and all others for helping to make this crazy time under control for our precious ones. PS - Mazel tov Linda!" -Darren Marino

"Sonia and all the staff at Mechanic St continue to do a fabulous job keeping my son happy and safe. Although I haven't been able to see most of them since I can't go in (which I really miss), whenever I call, everyone I speak with is helpful in answering my questions. Now that Timmy has been able to visit at home, I can see how well he looks. His staff are wonderful, caring individuals that I am proud to have working with my son. Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do!" -Lisa Brown

"Hi Guys! Thanks for a great visit with Josh today! You guys are the best! Keep up the good work and have a great rest of the weekend. All our love, Darren and Rose Marino"

"The weeks have been passing by so rapidly and we continue to be so grateful for all the care and support that you have given Ted. Having been able to see him recently was wonderful, we appreciate the coordination by everyone to make that happen! Ted looks great and seems to be very happy and we owe it all to you. Thank you so very much for everything you do!!!" -Bill and Tessa Cannata

"Hi Francis, Thanks for the video of Josh today. So nice seeing him. Have a great night!" -Rose Marino

"Thank you to all the staff at Norwood! These are such trying times and it isn’t easy for you, the clients and families! Please know how much we appreciate you day in and day out! Know that us parents know you are part of our family even if we don’t tell you often enough! God bless you ALL!" -Nancy Borr

"You all have been doing an exemplary job during this pandemic. Thank you for supporting and comforting Jill when she has been distressed or gloomy even when there really is no real reason why.
I am so grateful that you are all there for her.

Heidi, thank you for your patience in arranging visitations and listening to Jill change her plans on a daily basis. I know you are being challenged by all the obstacles you've faced during this crisis but you couldn't have been more cheerful and upbeat in every decision you had to make." -Susan Cauley

"Thank you so much for your constant vigilance, patience and understanding of each of the individuals in the residence. This pandemic has definitely thrown us in uncharted waters and I am amazed that you have managed to keep everyone busy and happy. I know Cassie can be a challenge sometimes so I thank you for being there for her and helping her with the Zoom calls to keep in touch with me.

Francis, I know this hasn't been easy, but I thank you for arranging visitations and keeping up with the changes in scheduling. I always know that you will be there for both Cassie and myself." -Susan Cauley

"A grateful shout out to Lewis from 60 Upton for helping to guide Ned through his first dental appointment since the pandemic. Your reassuring presence allowed the dentist to get the cleaning done in these even more challenging circumstances with a minimum of anxiety and even some smiles! And thanks to all the staff at 60 Upton for all your great work keeping Ned on track with his dental hygiene these past few months. The proof: "Look, Ma, no cavities." You are the best! Sincerely, The Hubbards"

"A huge shout out to Linda Ingram as she retires. You were our family's introduction to Amego as you helped rescue the kids at Milk Porridge and provide a smooth, thoughtful transition for us to a new house and day program. The care you have always shown to Ned and to us as we navigate ups and downs has always been so evident and is so deeply appreciated. We wish you every happiness in this new chapter in your life. All our best, Tom and Chris"

"Hi guys, Thanks for a great visit today. Sam thanks for cutting Josh’s hair; great job! It was nice seeing you all. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thank you for all that you do for Josh. We really appreciate you! All our love, Rose and Darren"

"We continue to appreciate all that you do for Jonathan and his house mates! You have given up time and have given patience that has gone above and beyond! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!
God Bless and stay safe,
Nancy & Michael Borr"

"Hi guys! Excellent visit this morning with Josh! He was in such a good mood and he looks great. Thanks for taking such good care of him. You guys are the best! Superhero’s! Have a great weekend. Love, Rose and Darren"

"Thank you to the wonderful direct support staff of Amego! We are so grateful for your dedication, skill, and compassion.
From the Kernochan family"

"Hi Guys, Happy Saturday! It was a nice, cool day this morning with Josh. Thanks for taking such good care of him. He signed his name “Joshua” today instead of “Josh” and said that’s what he wants us to call him. It was funny. So Joshua it is! Have a great weekend! Love, Rose and Darren"

"We want to give a huge shout-out to the Birch Street staff! Thank you for your efforts with Harry and we wanted to take a minute to thank you and recognize you for your work! Harry appreciates you too!
All the best to you all!
Chaves Family (Leslie, Joe, Harry, Stella, Ethan, Fred (the cat) and Moby (Harry's foot-long gold fish:)"

"To Heidi, Dempster, Marie, Neptune, Priscilla and Teneh,

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support and dedication in the many ways you take such wonderful care of Josh every day, but especially during this most challenging of times. You are doing a wonderful job and we don't know how we would manage without you! Many, many thanks." -Deb and Larry Samet

"As the summer draws to a close, we just want to send a shout out to Winifred and all the terrific staff at 60 Upton Road for keeping the house humming and getting everyone ready to transition back the day program. We are so grateful for all you do to deliver care and kindness to our guy in these extraordinary times." -Tom & Chris Hubbard

"A huge shout out of gratitude to the Northboro Day Hab staff and Amego administrators for all you are doing to provide a quality daytime experience to our son and his peers. We so appreciate the thoughtful planning of the transition back, your flexibility, and all the extraordinary measures you are taking every day to keep everyone healthy and safe. Bravo!" -Tom and Chris Hubbard

"Nana and the Saddle Hill Team, you are God's blessing to us! Thank you for taking good care of the Captain and making him feel as if he truly is the one steering the ship. Rich, Owen, Mary, Elisabeth and I want to thank you for the peace of mind you give to us knowing that Robbie is happy, healthy, and safe.
We wish all of you good health and happiness.  Thank you." -The McQuaids

"My wife and I want to express our appreciation to Tracie Piccirillo and her amazing team of direct care staff at Morse Court. Their dedication to the special needs of our son David and the other clients at Morse Court has been exemplary.
They have been sacrificing time with their own families to put in the hours of service to keep everyone safe and sound as we battle our way thru this pandemic.
True heroes all of them." -Paul Bergman

"I do not see most of you on my visits so I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a warm and caring home for my son. My entire family appreciates all you do" -Susan Ackerman

"Thank you for having the wisdom to split The day program into two sessions so that our children have consistency and daily programming throughout the weeks. I know this design is logistically more difficult. Thanks for doing what is best for the residents!" -Susan Ackerman

"Gratitude, appreciation and respect for the staff at 71 Joseph Road. These people are THE BEST!" -Karen Katzen

"Russ and I want to thank ALL the staff at Norton who perform daily oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, applying medication and providing medicated gum. We also appreciate the attention to his diet to be sure he is receiving appropriate food and drink that will reduce his risk of tooth decay. We know how much work it is to be sure these things are getting done routinely and we are thrilled that his dentist gave him a glowing report this past Saturday! She was able to take x-rays and prove that he has NO CAVITIES. She also said she hopes that all the staff at his house are teaching the staff at the other houses because she was totally impressed...especially since they were in full control for several months during the pandemic this year. WAY TO GO NORTON STAFF!! We love you and Tommo says he loves you and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Hi guys, It was a chilly visit today, but it was great! Josh looks great! Thanks for taking such good care of him. You guys are the best! Have a great weekend! Love Rose and Darren"

"We wanted to give a shout out to KinKin today. We know he always goes above and beyond to take care of Tommo and to be sure he is safe and comfortable. It is clear that KinKin always treats Tommo the way he would want to be treated and he is always trying to find ways to make him smile. That means so much to us. Thank you KinKin!" -Karen and Russ Raposa

"This message is from Tommo to Ashley and Rose...... I know my behaviors can be extremely challenging at times, but I am so grateful to both of you for being sure that I am safe when I am having trouble controlling myself. I am so lucky to have both of you in my life!!" -Tommo Raposa

"Hi guys, What a beautiful morning visit we had with Josh today. He had quite an appetite! Josh continues to look great due to the good care you are all giving him. We can not thank you enough! You are all very special people. God bless you. Have a great rest of the weekend! All of our love, Rose and Darren Marino"

"Recently we have been receiving photos of Christian outside. This has made these difficult times easier for us. Thank you for trying your best to get him outdoors."- James Chaves

"I would like to say thank you to Umer for all of his help in getting my printer to work correctly while working remotely. He was extremely patient and I appreciate all of his help in fixing the issue!" -Betsy

"We want to thank Crystal for always finding a way to get Tommo to smile at us when we are on a FaceTime call with him. We also want to thank Ashley for a very special FaceTime event this week when he reached out to show us how much Tommo was enjoying a video on TV. It is a rare occasion to see Tommo stop to watch anything at all on TV and now we also know what program he was enjoying so we can offer it to him when he gets to come home. We are so grateful!!!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Thank you Momar for always helping Tommo use his words when we are on the phone with him. I know you realize how much it means to us when we can clearly hear him say "I love you". We appreciate you Momar more than you will ever know." -Russ and Karen Raposa

"I want Stacey to know how much we appreciate her. I personally recognize that when you are a woman and you are smaller in size than Tommo, he can be very intimidating when he gets upset. Stacey always stands by Tommo to be sure he is safe and I am so grateful to her for her strength and perseverance. She is also very thoughtful in being sure Tommo is comfortable. Thank you Stacey for all you do!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"A shout out of gratitude goes to ALL staff, (dayhab, residential and directors! Thank you so much for all you do and still do to keep our clients safe and healthy! You have given so much time and energy over the past year and we truly appreciate it! It's nice to have an extended family that really cares!
Thank you again and stay safe!" -Nancy and Michael Borr

"A huge thank you to Momar for keeping us involved in the joyful moments that Tommo has when he is at Norton. Last night we mentioned that Tommo loves the movie Mary Poppins and that it was actually on TV at that moment. Momar went above and beyond and took the time to call us back on FaceTime so we could see that Tommo was enjoying the movie. It is a very rare occasion to see Tommo watching TV and we were thrilled to be a part of it. Thanks so much Momar!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"We want Cameron to know how much he means to us and to Tommo. The list of ways he has helped us goes on and on and on, but yesterday he took the time to have Tommo call us via FaceTime because it was Nana’s birthday dinner with just her daughters and she was beyond thrilled to see Tommo. In addition, when Tommo is with Cameron, he truly lights up. I know he considers Cameron to be more than just a support provider, he sees him as a friend. Cameron has a special way of understanding what Tommo is thinking and what he needs. I know he means the world to Tommo so all three of us want to say THANK YOU Cameron for all you do everyday!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"2020 has been such a challenging year for so many. We can think of very few people who have overcome greater challenges during the world's ongoing COVID-19 crisis than the Amego professionals. During this season of Thanksgiving, we reflect on our many blessings and upon Amego in particular.
As the Northborough Day Hab has been gearing up under extraordinary circumstances, we rely heavily upon the expertise of Kevin, Jonathan, Chris, nurse Krystal, and their teams. They have proven not only their ability to teach but to capably tend to medical emergencies.
Both of our sons' homes were hit by COVID, and were bravely managed through the ordeals through well researched health leadership policies and careful planning and communication. Those impacted are now healthy and we have Jennifer C, Krystal and the staff of dedicated selfless nurses, Craig P, Paul M, Solomon N and Geraldine O to thank for your capable and selfless leadership.
The talented staff members of Amego homes also work in the Day Hab environment to provide as seamless an experience as possible for all clients. This year, their jobs have involved a greater deal of personal risk and self-sacrifice than we can imagine. We are beyond grateful to all of you.
The Meadow Brook House is adeptly managed by Stephen A. and features a talented staff of professionals, namely Stephen B, Stephen K, Judith A, Winnifred O, William “Abraham” H, and Connie Y. Thank you to this team for caring so deeply for your clients and their home.
The seasoned team of the Upton House is managed by Winnie A, whose staff includes Fred A, Louis A-M, Harry A., Paul K, Paul M, Kellen J, and James O. We have been impressed the members of this team, who prove repeatedly that every staff member knows the needs, preferences, habits and communication nuances of each individual in their care. From the heart, “Great job!”
Please accept our deepest gratitude for your care and expertise, as well as your open and frequent communication to families. To you and yours, have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!"
- Rob, Kathy, Sean and Joey Sutherland

"We could never put in words how much Sarah means to us...not just to me and Russ, but to Tommo. No one in Tommo's life has ever spent so much time trying to find ways for him to not only be safe, but to also be able to enjoy his life. It is a difficult combination, but Sarah does it with such grace, care and concern for his overall well being. We simply can not imagine what life would be like for Tommo and for our entire family if she was not an integral part of it. Thank you Sarah from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do every day!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Shout out to these two coordinators for their model behavior as on-shift supervisors, Thanks for the ongoing support you show the staff and children we serve at our centers!" -Eileen Sweeney

"We know how difficult it can be when Tommo is up late and having trouble settling down. Rose is always there to support him and even provide a healthy late night snack if she thinks it will help him feel better. Thank you Rose. We appreciate you!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Once again, Ashley ruled the day yesterday!! He took the time to send us a video of a rare occasion when Tommo was enjoying a musical TV show and was dancing happily to the song. We could hear Ashely in the background sharing in Tommo's joy and seeing and hearing that video made all of us at home smile from ear to ear. Thank you Ashley for all you continue to do for Tommo every single day!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Thanks for all the pictures of my boy. You don’t know how happy they make the entire family! Not to mention you keep him nicely shaved at all times. We SO appreciate everything you do." -Aurora Ryan

"If Tommo could speak, he would thank Emmany for always watching out for him and especially for being sure he has a nice warm blanket on him during those cold nights. Thank you Emanny!!" -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Every time we try to put into words how much we appreciate Sarah Costa, it is truly impossible. But if Tommo could tell her, this is what he would say.... "Sarah, there is no one else in this entire world who has done so much for me and for my well being. You are always there to answer Mom and Dad's questions and you never ever ever give up on trying to find ways to not only keep me safe, but to help me be able to enjoy my life at the same time. I am so grateful to have you in my life and by the way, I think my new splint is awesome!!! Mom is now calling me the Bionic cool! Thank you Sarah."- Karen and Russ Raposa

"Hi John, Thanks so much for picking up Josh’s food on Saturday and bringing to Josh. And thanks for the FaceTime. We really appreciate all that you and the other guys are doing during this difficult time and are sending you all of our love and support. See you again next Saturday! Take care, love Rose and Darren"

"We can never say enough about Ashley. He is ALWAYS right by Tommo’s side or bed when he needs him. Thank you Ashley for keeping Tommo safe and helping him settle back to sleep. We are so lucky to have you in Tommo’s life." -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of Jill and Cassie during this extremely trying time. The pandemic has certainly changed our lives and it is comforting to know that even if I cannot be with them, they are being well taken care of. Love to all of you and your loved ones who I am sure have made sacrifices and taken risks for you to be there for my daughters. Enjoy the holidays, despite it's limitations, and I hope that we all will be able to see each other soon. Merry Christmas!" - Sue

"Hi Jahmal, Thanks for the excellent FaceTime with Josh tonight. He looks great and his pronunciation was so clear! Glad he enjoyed his lunch and he likes his new pajamas. We have a few presents for him to open on Christmas. Thanks for all that you do to make his life so nice. You are a great person and we really appreciate you! Have a great rest of the weekend. Love, Rose and Darren"

"Hi Sam, Thanks for the FaceTime with Josh today. So glad he liked his Christmas presents. Thank you for taking such good care of him for us. He looks great! We miss you guys. We appreciate you all so much! Have a great week! Love, Rose and Darren"

"Wanted to tell Rob how much we appreciate his kindness and patience with Tommo when he has trouble going back to sleep in the early morning hours. We know he can be a handful and we truly respect the amount of work and patience it can take to help him when he isn't able to settle down. Thank you Rob!"- Russ and Karen Raposa

"Hi guys! Thanks so much for a great visit with Josh today. He looks great! We really appreciate all that you do for him! Have a great rest of the weekend. All of our love, Rose and Darren"

"Hi Sam, Thanks for the update when I dropped off Josh’s lunch today. And thanks for the FaceTime with Josh afterwards. He looks great! Thanks for taking such good care of him. All our love, Rose and Darren"

"Our Tory moved in to her house in December in the middle of a pandemic! Her wonderful staff have gone above and beyond to help Tory and her anxious parents get acclimated. We can't say enough about how fabulous Drue, Isaac, Cheryl, Christopher, Godwin and everyone else have been. They have been so kind and attentive. We can't thank them enough for all they have done for us." -Tim and Karen Scanlan

"Time has passed but my utter admiration for the the Morse Court staff during this Pandemic has not diminished one wit. I'm sure that Gus in his own way is appreciative too." -Christopher Chase

"Thanks guys for a great visit with Josh on Saturday. Thanks for the medical information Francis. That is very helpful. Josh was in really good spirits and enjoyed the new cranberry, walnut salad that we got him. We’ll try similar ones next week so that he will eat his salad on Sunday. Nice seeing you at the end of our visit Josh. Have a great week at the day program this week. All of our love, Rose and Darren"

"I want to thank the Morse Court House Manager, Tracie Piccirillo, and the entire direct care staff for the exceptional care they have provided my son David and the other clients in their care.
They have sacrificed so much for the benefit of those they care for." -Paul Bergman

"Hi Sam, Thanks for a great visit with Josh today! He had a good appetite. He really loved the chocolate spread on the apple. We can’t believe he didn’t want his Easter basket. Maybe you guys can give him a special treat tomorrow. Have a great Easter and enjoy your week and thank you for all that you do for Josh. We really appreciate you all. All our love, Rose and Darren"

"Thanks to all the staff at Morse Street who worked so hard on Isaac dressing independently. During his Passover vacation, Isaac came downstairs fully dressed and ready for breakfast without any prompting whatsoever. He did this completely independently every day of vacation!" -Irene Tanzman

"We truly missed Momar during his recent vacation. He is always so aware of how Tommo is feeling and what he is thinking. He told us a story just this weekend that was so insightful and he made a recommendation for Tommo's transition to his adult home that we found to be extremely helpful. Thank you Momar for the extra time you always take to be "in tune" to what Tommo needs. We know you need your vacation time, but we do miss you when you are away!!" -Karen and Russ Raposa

"Thanks for a great visit with my Josh today! He is really looking good! We took a nice picture today. You guys really trained him well about masks. I pulled my mask down to scratch my nose and he pulled it right back up on me! So funny! Have a great rest of the weekend. All my love, Rose"

"Huge thank you to the Upton Road staff for continuing to do such a great job helping Ned take care of his teeth! At his checkup this morning, his dentist raved about what a good job you have been doing--she was really impressed. So thank you so much to all, and especially to Lewis for helping Ned get through the appointment on what was a bit of an anxiety provoking day." -Chris and Tom Hubbard

"Wow, what a wonderful surprise my Mother’s Day flowers and beautiful card were today. Thank you all for helping Josh pick out such nice gifts. You are the best!!! I love you all. Have a great weekend! Love Rose and Darren"

"Daniel's compassion is unmatched. The staff that works at the house is incredible and he leads the charge. He kindly shares pictures of Adam with us very often and truly wants the best for him. We couldn't imagine a better life for Adam before he came to Amego. Thank you so much Daniel, the whole Raymond team, and Amego. Respect/kindness/compassion/fun... you have it all" - Carly Koumoutseas

"While we have not known Will long, we are so impressed with how he helps Tommo. He is always so cheerful and kind and he really understands how Tommo is feeling and what he might be needing. So nice to have you on the Norton team Will!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Well Stacy did it again. She went above and beyond to try to help Tommo. We discussed how this time of year is always extremely difficult for him and that we think it has a lot to do with his allergies. Stacy took the time to come up with a long list of ways to try to help soothe Tommo through the next month of this allergy season. Her list included additional baths and showers during the day to calm him, keeping the windows closed in his bedroom and his door closed if windows are open in the house, and the idea for an air purifier. Incredibly thoughtful and caring...and well above the call of duty. Thank you Stacy and Tommo thanks you too!" -Russ and Karen Raposa

"Props to staff at Sheridan house! Everyone there has really come together and is doing a great job taking care of m son Carmen. Jonisha has gone above and beyond the call of duty! I know she will take care of every detail! Thank you to Ayo Sol Maureen Charles and Steve (if I’ve missed a staff my apologies!) You all have been so patient answering all of m questions! You’re all working so hard to manage a very difficult time! I can not adequately thank you all enough!" -Linda Auger

"Just wanted to give a shout out to Godwin for being so calm and professional when we were at our visit today." -Karen Scanlan

"Hi guys, Thanks for a nice visit today! Josh, thanks for getting Josh’s sweats for him when he was shivering. And nice seeing you John at the end of the visit. Have a great weekend and as always thank you for all that you do for Josh. Love, Rose and Darren"

"I want to commend a staff at Sheridan House. While all staff are great I just want to give Sol a shout out! We talked last night about Carmen and I knew by what he was saying, that he took his time to get to know my son! He and all Sheridan staff have worked hard to get Carmen to where he is now. Carmen went through some behavior issues for unknown reasons. Now Carmen s back to being his happy self. He had a lot of anxiety due to his schedule. Sol has realized that Carmen likes to be helpful and has taught him to load the dishwasher! Thank you to all that are helping Carmen have a better quality to his life. This is what it is all about! Great job!!!" -Linda Auger

"When Tommo is having a tough time sleeping, Rose is always there to encourage him. She is so patient with Tommo and is always trying to put a smile on his face. We appreciate all of her efforts in trying to bring some joy into his day. Thank you Rose!" -Karen and Russ Raposa